Another, more than likely short-lived series as I’ll get fed up with it quickly.  This one will look at some of my favourite singles from the country which inspired Holly Johnson’s last chart hit back in 1989.  I’m starting off with :-

mp3 : Pavement – Stereo

There’s a lot of folk out there who think Pavement are an American version of The Fall.  Indeed, Mark E Smith went as far as saying that Pavement are a rip-off of his band and that they didn’t have an original idea in their heads.  I get the comparisons to some extent in as far as much of the music released by both bands is quirky but catchy with lyrics that border on the complete nonsensical but somehow make perfect sense.  There’s also the fact that, like The Fall, a lot of folk just ‘don’t get’ Pavement.

Me?  There’s a fair bit of their material that leaves me scratching my hand in bemusement but there was also a number of superb singles that should have cracked the charts instead of floundering away just outside the Top 40.  Part of the reason for this was a stubborness to stay on smaller indie labels throughout their recording career when perhaps a move to a major in the mid 90s might have got them fame and fortune.  But when you read what all the band members have to say about things it’s quite clear that they were very content to remain underground and have a higher degree of artistic freedom.

Stereo is one of their better known singles.  It dates from 1997 and stalled at #48 in the UK singles chart.  It has a sound that was a huge influence on Graham Coxon as can be evidenced from a number of the songs that were issued on 13, the Blur album released in 1999.

Here’s the two tracks that were on the CD single:-

mp3 : Pavement – Westie Can Drum

mp3 : Pavement – Winner Of The

Both of these musically are great throwbacks to the post-punk new wave sounds that came out of America in the late 70s.  I dare anyone to listen and not think of Television.  Two excellent tracks thrown away on a flop single…..

Oh and while I’m here, I may as well shove up Pavement doing a cover of a song by The Fall recorded for session on Radio 1.  It’s a fabulous tribute…..

mp3 : Pavement – The Classical



  1. I’ll stay anonymous here but every time I move house, disconnect my stereo, buy a new stereo – basically if I have to move my stereo – the first track I play without fail is ‘Summer Babe’ by Pavement. Don’t know why. Just love it I guess.

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