Soft Cell 2 party time

Soft Cell were a hugely underrated duo.  They made some incredibly innovative bits of electronica music in the early 80s. They conquered the charts with catchy pop tunes and filled their LPs with edgier, grittier material that must have scared the weans.

I was always on the lookout for the 12″ versions of their hit singles as they often turned the track into masterpieces and rarely fell into the trap of simply padding the songs with a bit of electronic doodling.  I’ve still got most of those 12 inchers sitting in the cupboard. Here’s some of the best:-

mp3 : Soft Cell – Say Hello Wave Goodbye

mp3 : Soft Cell – Bedsitter

mp3 : Soft Cell – Torch

And just in case there’s some of you out there who aren’t familiar with their unique 10-minute take on Hey Joe, Purple Haze and Voodoo Chile:-

mp3 : Soft Cell – Hendrix Melody

Bit more difficult to set fire to a synth mind you……


6 thoughts on “CAN YOU TAKE THE FULL 12 INCHES?

  1. Timeless stuff. Seeing them live on their reunion tour a few years back was one of my best gigs.

  2. Never really got the Hendrix melody …. However martin the other side is one of the scariest records going.
    I saw the reunion tour as well, Adrian is right they were fantastic

  3. “Torch” on 12″ is my favorite Soft Cell single. Single? Hell, it’s my favorite track by them, period! Nevertheless, I am still trying to unload my numbered German boxed set of CD singles. Money’s too tight to mention! But, yeah, David Ball was a genius of arrangement. Those mixes were streets ahead of their competition.

  4. I love these 12″ers. The b sides were all great too. And I totally agree with Friend of rachel worth saying that Martin is one of the scariest record ever. The only track of Soft Cells I haven’t found on anything other than 7″ is Say Hello (instrumental). Does anyone have an idea?

  5. To the best of my knowledge Conrad, the instrumental has only ever been released on the 7″ vinyl back in the days….

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