CBS 3337


I was, being just four years old, far too young back in 1967 to appreciate music.

I’ve also no idea what my folks were listening to back then either.  Thinking back to my earliest memories I can’t recall there being any records in the house. It wasn’t that they didn’t like music and I suspect it was more down to them bringing up three kids in a very small space that prevented them having any sort of collection. I do know however that when we went to a new house when I was 10 years old my dad did get a stereo complete with huge speakers high up on the living room wall….and there were plenty of records there as well but again they all seem, from memory, to date from the early 70s.

So I can honestly say my folks never exposed me to this early single from a Canadian poet turned musician.

mp3 : Leonard Cohen – Suzanne

mp3 : Leonard Cohen – So Long Marianne

I became aware of the work of Leonard Cohen from about the age of 13 as a mate’s older brother insisted on playing his stuff all the time.  I can’t say I was too keen….it was all a bit doom and gloom and let’s face it, the majority of the subject matters went right over my head at the time.  But as a number of my own favourite musicians in the 80s began to name check him as an influence I re-approached his material with a fresh mind and discovered that I was indeed a fan.  Here’s some covers of the above songs:-

mp3 : Ian McCulloch – Suzanne

mp3 : James – So Long, Marianne

Enjoy. No really…..I insist.

One thought on “CBS 3337

  1. I love Leonard Cohen. Both these songs are cracking, and I’ve always loved that James cover. Ian McCulloch’s version of ‘Lover Lover Lover’ is a fave of mine too.

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