Interesting that this month saw me chastise myself for spending so much time writing live reviews and featuring stuff on CD singles.  The purist in me came up with a week-long series entitled going back to my roots which would be vinyl, vinyl, vinyl all the way Here’s a summary version of each post :-

Monday 5 February

From The Cost of Living EP, a re-working of the song Capital Radio along with an additional 45 seconds tagged on at the end…..a little Clash-mercial pleading with everyone to get down to their nearest Clash showroom

So here’s all 04 minutes and 05 seconds of:-

mp3 : The Clash – Capital Radio (Cost Of Living EP version)

Tuesday 6 February

Looking in the vinyl cupboard for something to show that there’s more than just twee-pop bands and the collective works of lesser-known Scottish geniuses living in there. And I found a 12″ single which, in the true spirit of TVV, put up a fantastic remix version that was available only on the reverse side:

mp3 : Senser – Eject (Over Zealous Mix)

Wednesday 7 February

Back in 1992, I bought a 12” single from a clearance/bargain bin in a record shop in Edinburgh for 99p. While it did reach No.32 in the charts, it was a record that was deleted shortly afterwards, never to appear again. It wasn’t included on the 1993 LP Modern Life Is Rubbish, nor was it included on the CD of the Greatest Hits package Blur released in 2000.

mp3 : Blur – Popscene

Thursday 8 February

So many things were going on in my life at the end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s that I wasn’t able to keep up with much new music.  Jacques the Kipper, aware of my fondness for what became known as Madchester, would periodically throw in my direction a rectangular box containing a cassette tape (young people – activate your google search now). Said cassette tape contained 90 minutes worth of songs, many of which I became very fond, not least today’s offering.

Fast forward to January 2007. A work colleague, on learning that I had started the blog, handed over around 15-20 records that he no longer wanted. Tucked away in the middle of the pile was this, and on the small indie label the band started out on:

mp3 : Paris Angels – All On You (Perfume)

Friday 9 February

I’m up late cos I can’t sleep. I never can when Mrs Villain is working away overnight. Right now she’s in Manchester on behalf of her company for a presentation to an important client just 24 hours after a previous presentation to a would-be client here in Glasgow who are likely to turn her down. Bastards.

So I thought I’d end my five days of postings from the original vinyl with the one song that always make me think of her.

There we were at a Carter USM gig at Barrowlands, Glasgow in the early 90s – me, Mrs Villain and Jacques the Kipper. Us blokes being experienced moshers felt it was just a bit too crazy with all those young folk being awfully lively down the front, so we were strategically placed just left-of-centre maybe halfway back.

Then the opening notes of today’s song came through the speakers.


And before the same notes were repeated prior to the crashing guitars, Mrs Villain had gone….right down into the melee. I was gobsmacked. But I left her to it – we hadn’t long drawn up wills leaving all our possessions to one another.

5 and a bit minutes later she came back, drenched in sweat but with the most fantastic grin on her face.

So this is her song.

mp3 : Carter USM – Bloodsport For All


3 thoughts on “AS SEEN OVER AT THE OLD PLACE : FEBRUARY 2007 (1)

  1. I always thought there was something wrong with anyone who didn’t enjoy a good mosh. I saw Carter circa 90/91 and it remains the most boisterous, sweaty gig I’ve ever been at the front of!

    As for ‘Popscene’, the story goes that it was always intended for Blur’s second album, but when the record company heard said album, they rejected it and asked them to write some hits. ‘Popscene’ was put out as a single at the band’s insistence but flopped, thus adding strength to the label’s argument. When ‘Modern Life…’ was finally put together, the band left ‘Popscene’ off it out of spite: “If people didn’t want it first time around, they’re damn well not getting it now!” And so it has remained…

    Oh, and Senser – bloody excellent band!

  2. “Popscene” is on the standard US cd of Modern Life.

    From Wikipedia;

    American release

    The American release of Modern Life Is Rubbish features an altered track listing. Blur’s American label SBK Records preferred the group’s original demo of “Chemical World”, and included it on the album instead of the Stephen Street-produced version. According to Select magazine, this “defeated the object of recording a heavy rock song in the first place”.[12] SBK inserted “Popscene” in between “Turn It Up” and “Resigned”; Blur had refused to include “Popscene” on the British version of Modern Life, disappointed by the public reaction to the song when it was released as a single. “We thought, If you didn’t fucking want it in the first place,” Graham Coxon explained to Select, “you’re not going to get it now”.[12] The American version also features several tracks with a few seconds of silence (tracks 18 to 67 on the CD), followed by two “For Tomorrow” B-sides (“When the Cows Come Home” and “Peach”) as hidden tracks 68 and 69.[14]


  3. Teagues ( a music shop ) on the Isle of Wight was a wonderful place as a youngster; saxaphones, sheet music and records …. But most of all bargin bin.

    Yep you guessed it The Cost of Living EP

    Some rarish Beatles stuff
    Magical Mystery Tour double ep
    Beatles in Italy
    Live Peace in Toronto.

    Thanks for reminding me of some old stuff that needs a replay.


    PS two years ago got a DVD of Live Peace in Toronto in………….Poundfuckingland!!!

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