Dear Reader

TVV was a blog hosted by blogger.com between 30 September 2006 and 24 July 2013 when it was taken down by the host for what was alleged to be continued violations of copyright policy.

The millions of words that went into some 2,500 posts have gone forever.  Blogger has in effect carried out the modern-day equivalent of book burning. It’s not a nice feeling.

But, to paraphrase Mr Stevie Wonder – I ain’t gonna stand for it which is why within a matter of hours of learning of the demise of TVV, I’ve got myself a new host to start things again.  So a warm welcome to The (new) Vinyl Villain.

It will take time to populate T(n)VV with links etc so please be patient with me as I learn how to properly make the most of WordPress.

And if you don’t mind…..please spread the word of where folk can find me.  I won’t be linking to places like Hype Machine or Elbo – they were great in driving up traffic and attracting new readers, but probably played a big part in the demise of TVV by drawing attention to the mp3s.  This time round it’s going to be different…..but the same if you know what I mean!

mp3 : Frightened Rabbit – Music Now

Happy Listening


  1. Well, what can I say? The King is dead, long live the King!

    Pretty sure it won’t take you all too long to learn the necessary about WordPress and also I’m sure you’ll continue to provide us with some brilliant rants and reasonable music as well.

    I, personally, look forward to this a great deal!

    Take care, mate, and don’t worry too much about the lost archive that the old TVV once was. Because the fact that you decided not to give up but to continue on a different platform means that it’s this and nothing more: just go ahead and replace it, even if this will take time!

    Cheers, your pal,


  2. Jesus, the bastards. I quit Blogger when they stopped supporting external domain names, glad I did now. WordPress is much better.

    No back up I assume?

  3. Cheers for dropping by guys. I’ll get this thing up and running properly over the next few days…..

  4. I’m sure I found your original blog via a mention in the Guardian years and years ago, and you are to blame for sending me in the direction of Drew, Swiss Adam, Dirk et al. Glad you’re up and running again.

  5. You keep going right on JC. I use WordPress as a back up (so Bagging Area’s version there is a little under dressed) but its not that difficult to use I think. Maybe we should all head over there. Blogger are complete fuckers for deleting TVV- that’s my considered opinion.

  6. You did the right thing to move away, JC. It’s not need to bear the repressive music industry. Go on with your blog. I will follow you.
    Cheers Walter

  7. Hey JC. I’ll spread the word on your move. I can’t help but wonder if it was your wonderful ipod shuffle game… lots of majors popped up on there, I have been in trouble three times, and the culprits were the Beach Boys, Bowie and Vampire Weekend. At any rate, I’m so pleased you have decided to keep this thing going. Some friends have commented here that have recently stopped their blogs (you know who you are damn you!), and I really miss them. The demise of Vinyl Villain would have been too much. I’m on Blogger, and I suppose I’m on the clock. I guess I should start thinking about the future as well. Talk to you soon. Let me know if you need anything.

  8. Phew! Relieved that you’re still going ,JC, you had me worried there for a while. Keep doing what you do
    Tel Aviv

  9. Sad to see you go, great to see you again! Google really are turning into right sodding gits these days. They changed the net for the better once upon a time, but have now just fallen into line like everyone else.

    Fight the good fight brother, rock ‘n’ roll will never die!

  10. A comment from a lurker. Welcome Back! I had the shock of my life when I hit my favourites link ten minutes ago and found you had been deleted (echoes of Cybermen there don’t you think?) Thanks to your comment on Davey’s blog I found my way quickly here. Keep on writing I really enjoy it (even though I still don’t “get” the Smiths!)

  11. Its frightening the power some knobhead has to just delete you like…i’m sure theres a very clever quote from mr orwell, but 2 fingers up at them seems better. Looking forward to reading more soon. (Hope youre feeling better).

  12. big brother has a lot to answer for…home taping is killing music – my arse, they’re a bunch of short-sighted Muppets, inspired by these blogs I bought a new cd from a blog recommendation today, am awaiting a music t-shirt to be delivered and just bought a 12″ picture frame for a 12″ single to go in my daughters bedroom. music is alive and well and being spread by great folk like yourself. keep going jc, don’t let the bastards grind you down

  13. Folks….genuinely overwhelmed by your words of support. Pip’s link could see most of the old posts saved…….I’ve a plan in mind…..

  14. Don’t stop! You are an everyday habit that reminds me how important are the old songs we love (and the new we discover) to keep us sane through life..

  15. Glad to see you back. Do think about resurrecitng the old posts (if not the comments). I was pleased I did it for Acid Ted when I’d got Bloggered in 2009. But it did take a lot of effort and the best part of 3 months work.

  16. Galling as it may be to contact them, you might ask Blogger to restore your ‘non copyright content’ to you – i.e all your writing and people’s comments. I think they have done this before in similar cases. Got to be worth a try, along with following Pip’s advice. Six years of endeavour and community should not be let go so lightly x

  17. This morning when I didn’t find The Vinyl Villain I didn’t know what to think…
    Then Luca sent me this new link… Now I’m split between the relief of seeing you alive and kicking and the sense of loss for all those hundreds and hundreds of brilliant posts gone away. I’m feeling so bad I just can’t imagine what YOU feel…
    And then, another show of greatness: you really are a Special One.
    Go on My Captain, play your songs everyday and forever

  18. i’m celebrating your return with minibar popcorn in a hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin….yeee haaa.

  19. Well done Villain! Keep on doing what you’re doing! We will keep reading and contributing to the discussion!

  20. Nasty moment there; followed my usual website check yesterday morning – Seagulls (B&HA) / Yahoo (e-mail) / Facebook / Vinyl Villain – hang on, what’s that – Blog removed?? Several moments of panic….try Sexy Loser, ah thank Goodness for that – the new Vinyl Villain! Sanity restored. All the best, Andy (Brighton)

  21. Blogger are Bastards! So glad you’re back over here, welcome to the WordPress exiles. They did it to me 3 times on my Vinyl Gems blogs and no way was I rolling over and dying. Keep up the rants and all the best, Jonny G (Manchester)

  22. JC so glad you’re up and running again. Thanks for keeping the blog going – it’s always been such a pleasure to read over the years.

  23. Long time lurker coming out in dismay, support and finally relief – so glad to see you back. Always a great read and even more a good listen – without you there were large chunks of the eighties at least that I doubt I’d have remembered…..

  24. Aha, found you. I’m not so net savvy so taken a day to find the new VV. Delighted you’re back up, its like have a daily chat with a mate about music, oldies and introducing new stuff. Thanks to you I am now a Butcher Boy and Frightened Rabbit fan ! and a VV fan too.

  25. The genie’s out of the bag, innit? The only way the music industry will survive is by putting out quality product that people will see value in and buy. Blogs, internetzines all give access to product which might then be bought and save the industry. I buy more music than ever and read more blogs than ever.

    Keep on trucking, old boy.

  26. Can’t believe this news. Well, I CAN, after what they did to Pop Cop, but I’m still disgusted.

    Give us a shout if you need any WordPress support JC. So glad this has not scunnered you off keeping on.

    Love xx

  27. i go away on holiday and come back to find my favourite blog has disappeared…! so i’m very glad to find it again thanks to manic pop thrills…

    I think everyone has said all there is to say so i’ll just add my voice to the words of shock, annoyance, disappointment, encouragement and happiness that you are still continuing…

    that doesn’t sound right… i’m not annoyed or shocked or disappointed that you are continuing… but i think you know what i mean…

    anyway, as ever… keep up the good work… always a pleasure to read and listen… i’ve discovered a fair few great bands thanks to you and long may it continue…


  28. Boy oh boy. Sorry to hear about all of this, JC.

    I use Wordpresw. I’ve sent you an email with a couple of suggestions that might help keep the wolves at the door.

  29. Just clocked the link to here via Song, by Toad. Obviously very sorry to hear Blogger took a torch to the blog, but glad to see you’ve found new digs.

  30. Great out made it out in one piece….real shock to see the “Blog Removed” message…..keep going!

  31. Hello JC, i’m the french guy popping up from time to time on “comments”, don’t know if you remember. Just to tell you that it’s great you don’t give up. Thanks again for you reviews and songs. I’m not fond of all you shared but at least it gave (and will give) artists to discover or to talk about. Have you really lost all your previous work? the reviews? the comments? And you didn’t get a warning? Have you try to get explanations from Blogger? Please let us know. Regards. Jp

  32. Thanks jp

    I suppose the warnings came in various dmca notices telling me I was in breach of copyright, but the last of these had been some three weeks prior to the sudden remmoval of the bog altogether. It seems also that two or three other blogs were purged at the same time. I have asked blogger for specific reasons, but to nobody’s surprise there has been no reply.


  33. That’s a shame. As you could see, we’re a lot to support 🙂 And fortunately it seems you got some back-up.

  34. Aw, Jim, what a painful thing to happen. I hope you are able to get back most of your content. So much love and work you put into everything you post. So glad you are continuing. x

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