This will be an occasional series, with the idea being to give the shout-out to the blogger who brought something to my attention or provided the inspiration.

Step forward Khayem of Dubhead fame.

It was back on 7 January in this posting that I first learned that one of my favourite songs by The The had been given the cover treatment back in 2012.

I’d never previously heard of DJ Food.  Here’s last fm:-

DJ Food is a collaborative project between Coldcut/Ninja Tune duo Matt Black and Jonathan More, and second-half PC (born Patrick Carpenter) and Strictly Kev (Kevin Foakes). Although the moniker originally referred only to Black and More’s several-volumed series of stripped-down breaks records designed for deck use (i.e., “food” for DJs), club booking demands for the assumedly proper-named DJ Food dictated the pair make an ongoing project of it. Adding PC and Strictly to spice things up (and differentiate DJ Food from Coldcut when they played the same bill), the quartet released a series of 12″ singles in various combinations starting in 1994 (including “Freedom”/”Consciousness”), with their proper debut full-length, A Recipe for Disaster, appearing the following year.

The quartet also toured Europe, Canada, and America as DJ Food (mainly DJing) and regularly mashed it up side by side on Coldcut’s weekly KISS FM show Solid Steel. PC and Strictly were also hired by Warp Records to compile and mix a series of releases entitled Blech, drawing from the influential experimental techno label’s back catalog. More and Black continued to split their time between DJ Food and Coldcut, as well as the day-to-day operation of their immensely popular Ninja Tune and Ntone labels. DJ Food’s second production album, Kaleidoscope, appeared in April of 2000 to warm reviews.

A year later, the pair inaugurated a Solid Steel CD series with the mix album Now, Listen! The years that followed found More and Black contributing less thanks to their Coldcut obligations, while PC would find success with his Cinematic Orchestra project, so much so that he resigned as a full-time member. Strictly Kev revived the project in 2011 and released The Search Engine in 2012. PC would make an appearance, joining J.G. Thirlwell and The The’s Matt Johnson on the album’s long guest list.

And, as issued on The Search Engine in 2012:-

mp3: DJ Food (feat. Matt Johnston) – GIANT

Thanks, Khayem, for sending over the files for this version, along with a single edit and instrumental version.  Have played them a lot these past few days.



  1. Wow, thanks JC, that’s very kind of you. I’d highly recommend The Search Engine album as a whole, as well as The Illectrik Hoax EP, which includes the radio edit of GIANT, plus an edit and epic 17 minute Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Mix by The Amorphous Androgynous. Both available in physical and digital formats on the Ninja Tune website.

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