Angel Interceptor, despite being a #14 hit for Ash, is a sort of forgotten single by many.

The trio (as they were at the time), had enjoyed their first chart success with Girl From Mars in August 1995. The following year, each of Goldfinger and Oh Yeah would go top 10 on either side of debut album 1977 entering the charts at #1.

In many ways, Angel Interceptor was a strange choice for a single, thanks to its loud/quiet/loud nature.

mp3: Ash – Angel Interceptor

It also finds Tim Wheeler at the edge of his comfort zone in terms of vocal delivery, and it has been said that the difficulties involved in the higher-pitched harmonies were a factor in the band looking to recruit a female member for going forward, which they would be with the addition of Charlotte Hatherley as the additional guitarist and backing vocalist.

Two b-sides with this one:-

mp3: Ash – 5am Eternal
mp3: Ash – Gimme Some Truth

The former is an energetic original, largely driven along in the main by the guitars, but with a weird electronic break about halfway through the track with the refrain of ‘dance dance dance’ followed by more guitars before coming to halt at what feels like midway through a verse or chorus.

The latter is a cover of a John Lennon song, originally released in 1971 on the album Imagine, and later as a b-side to a posthumous single in 1982, issued at the time of a new ‘best of’ collection.  As someone who isn’t much of a fan of the late legend, I’m not terribly enamoured by this one.


2 thoughts on “ANGEL INTERCEPTOR

  1. Friends. Flatmates. That’s what Ash instantly reminds me of. I became quickly aware of the band but had no reason to buy anything – in a flat one could always borrow.
    Flatmates may have had the earlier singles but my education began with Kung Fu.

    I really enjoy Angel Interceptor and those earlier, immediate releases. I would buy my first Ash release many years later, Burn Baby Burn.

    Returning to flatmates, giggling flatmates listening to an Ash audio track (backstage, I think?) in which I believe Tim Wheeler is throwing up.

  2. Well remembered, FFF. The barfing track is a hidden
    cut on the end of the 1977 CD. It’s foul, but the record,
    and this single JC has highlighted, provide great memories.

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