THE TVV 2022/2023 FESTIVE SERIES (Part 11)


I bought a second-hand CD a long time ago, specifically for the purposes of having a bit of fun on the blog, and I’ve decided to use the normally quiet festive period, when the traffic and number of visitors drops quite dramatically, to go with it.

The CD was issued in 1996.  It is called Beat On The Brass, and it was recorded by The Nutley Brass, the brains of whom belong to New York musician Sam Elwitt.

The concept behind the album is simple. Take one bona-fide punk/post-punk/new wave classic and give it the easy listening treatment.

There are 18 tracks on the CD all told.  Some have to be heard to be believed.

Strap yourselves in.

mp3: The Nutley Brass – New Rose

And, just so you can appreciate the magnificence (or otherwise) of the renditions, you’ll also be able to listen to the original versions as we make our way through the CD in random order.

mp3: The Damned – New Rose

Released as a single in October 1976.

EDIT : 11 JANUARY 2023.

Thanks to hamirthehermit for pointing out that the Nutley Brass mp3 for this one skipped, jumped and ground to a halt all to early.  A fresh file has now been made available should you wish to give it a listen.


4 thoughts on “THE TVV 2022/2023 FESTIVE SERIES (Part 11)

  1. Seems 13 was not the lucky number here! Some sort of CD defect appears to have cut off the tail end of the song after a bit of popping and skipping. Might have to hunt down the CD just to get a clear and full version!

  2. Thanks hamir. I hadn’t realised this was the case… played OK when I first bought the CD, but it certainly is sticking now. I did try to re-burn it for a reload, but no luck. I’ll keep trying over the coming days, and if I get lucky, I’ll get back in touch direct.

  3. No prob, mate. Just to be clear, my last comment was meant to imply that I would need to track down a copy of the CD, and it shouldn’t be inferred that I was being an entitled snot and telling you to hunt down the CD and reburn a better copy. But, y’know, ta for doing that, anyway.

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