I’m now in the habit of having a check on the scores at the end of Sunday night.  There were 23 votes in by midnight, as compared to 30 at the same time the previous week, which perhaps was an indication that the four ties hadn’t quite grabbed everyone’s attention as others.  Further evidence for this being the case was that none of the ties had been voted on by all who had dropped by, and indeed one tie had seen four of the initial visitors choosing to abstain.

It was also clear that two of the outcomes were going to be foregone conclusions, and to use some boxing parlance, the referee really should have stepped in early to prevent further punishment.  The votes did continue to roll in over the rest of the week (and, as ever, a huge thanks to all concerned), but compared to the previous week, it all felt like an anticlimax…..not that any of the victors are complaining!

Match I : Go-Betweens 26 Neil Young 15

Match J : Human League 37 Beastie Boys 5

Match K : Suede 15 Siouxsie & The Banshees 27

Match L : Lloyd Cole 32 The National 7

Today’s quartet features the four who got through from the seventh and eighth weeks in Round 1.  A reminder that the song up for consideration in Round 2 has always been the third track on Side A of the ICA in question.

The Sweet (ICA 313) v Orange Juice (ICA 219)

mp3: The Sweet – Alexander Graham Bell v mp3: Orange Juice – Bridge

Soft Cell (ICA 159) v The Breeders (ICA 173)

mp3: Soft Cell – The Art Of Falling Apart v mp3 : Breeders – Bang On

Elvis Costello (ICA 284) v David Bowie (ICA 284)

mp3: Elvis Costello – Hoover Factory v mp3: David Bowie – Cactus

The Cure (ICA 157) v Terry Hall (ICA 277)

mp3: The Cure – Doing The Unstuck v The Colourfield – Cruel Circus*

*ICA 277 was a compilation of various acts in which Terry had been or is involved

As ever, thanks for taking part.  Voting closes at midnight (UK time) next Friday, which is the 25th of November.  I’ll be away on holiday in Barbados, and will be counting the votes while sipping some sort of rum-based cocktail, while panicking that I can keep the whole shebang going just as it gets to the busiest stage!



  1. Orange Juice
    Soft Cell
    Elvis Costello ………(How can EC & Bowie go up against each other!!?)

  2. Sipping rum cocktails on a Barbados beach is it? Well that’s what FIFA delegates are probably doing too.

    Orange Juice
    Soft Cell

  3. Can I give the Breeders four votes please? Looks like they need it even though they are by far the most deserving based on the tracks (is anyone actually listening to the songs?)

    For me it’s:

  4. 1) Orange Juice – Bridge
    2) Soft Cell – The Art Of Falling Apart
    3) Elvis Costello – Hoover Factory
    4) Terry Hall / The Colourfield – Cruel Circus

    A tough one this week as I really love The Sweet single but OJ were just too strong. Likewise, The Cure would have one on any other week…

  5. Well, some of the entries reminded me of Quatar’s performance against Ecuador ….. therefore:

    Orange Juice

  6. The Sweet would normally walk the first match for me – BUT, I’ve never been much of a fan of that single – one of the bubblegum early hits for me. Not totally sold on Orange Juice entry either so a 0-0 draw.
    Soft Cell easy winners, from the much maligned second album but still strong.
    I can’t believe I’m doing this. I would have put money on my voting for Bowie throughout this competition. But the Pixies cover just doesn’t do it for me and I always loved Hoover Factory. Win for EC!!!!
    Finally, probably the closest match of the round so far. One of Terry’s finest post (and pre-) Specials tracks against one of Fat Bob’s hidden gems. Leave the decision to others – 2-2 draw.

    Soft Cell
    Elvis Costello

  7. Oh my. Another week with success on three of the four. I think overall I’m at about a 50% success rate. And can’t complain on the one I missed, just surprised it wasn’t closer.
    On to this week!

    The Sweet v Orange Juice
    I’m a sucker for humour in music or odd song subjects, so Alexander Graham Bell has appeal to me. And it’s been a long time since hearing “The Bridge,” it’s a better song than I recall. So this was a close one. In the end;

    Orange Juice

    Soft Cell v The Breeders
    Dunno why, I like Marc Almond’s solo stuff more than the Soft Cell stuff which I find to be repetitive, especially the endings. And The Breeders just never did it for me. Still a catchy ditty from them this go round, while SC still has the same weakness.

    The Breeders.

    Elvis Costello v David Bowie
    Two more artists I have little interest in. I’ll avoid the obvious pun about one of the songs. Neither thrills, but because of what I said in The Sweet V OJ, my choice is;

    Elvis Costello

    The Cure v Terry Hall

    Dang, it’s probably been a couple decades since I’ve last heard “Cruel Circus.” I only have it on vinyl and cassette, and it’s been about that long since I’ve had either a working turntable or cassette player. I don’t remember it sounding like this…did I have a special American version, or was there a remastered version from when it came out on CD? Or is it merely a difference in speed between two different turntables? And, wait. Is that a snippet of “I Confess” from The Beat at the beginning there? I never noticed that before. This song is pretty darn good, much better than the competition, which just bores me to tears.

    Terry Hall

  8. First time this WC I’ve voted without having a listen to each track, so I’m going by band/artist:

    Orange Juice
    The Cure

  9. Orange juice
    Soft cell

    Think I’m late, I was going to vote after England game but fell asleep 💤

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