I was pressed for time last week and didn’t glance at how the things were panning out at all until after polling had closed, with 45 sets of votes needing to ba tallied up.

As I was going through them, and I’d reckon by the time I’d been through the first twenty or so, it became obvious there was a distinct division in that almost half of the entries – An April March, April March, Vanessa Contenay-Quinones, Billy Ray Martin, Nits, Pizzicato Five, Slap Happy and Superturtle hadn’t been picking enough mentions on a consistent basis to have any hope of progressing, but that the other nine were all in with a chance. It also looked as if the likely winner stood a chance of getting a higher % vote than the 83% taken by Echo & The Bunnymen when Group D was played out.  The most interesting thing was that with just eight available places, one was going to lose out narrowly, possibly in the cruellest of manners. Here’s the top nine:-

  1. The Sweet 33
  2. Stereolab 30
  3. David Bowie 29
  4. Siouxsie and The Banshees 28
  5. Terry Hall 26 (*5th place on coin toss)
  6. Scritti Politti 26
  7. Bauhaus 23
  8. It’s Immaterial 22
  9. Julian Cope 21

So, it’s St Julian who misses out on the knockout stages, denied by a late comeback.  None of the final eight voters gave anything for JC, while in contrast It’s Immaterial picked up four late ticks and Bauhaus six out of the final eight.

The Sweet, with 33 votes, picked up 73%, which means the Bunnymen with 83% remain the most impressive performer, thus far.

As ever, a song from an ICA we’ve had to say farewell to.

mp3: Espiritu – You Don’t Get Me (album version by Vanessa Quiñones, Tim Holmes & Mike Bolton)


9 thoughts on “ICA WORLD CUP 2022 : GROUP F : THE RESULTS

  1. Shocker
    St. Julian has a recent song about this!

    Someone pick Khayem up off the floor!

  2. The substantial votes for Sweet and Bowie (two 70s heritage acts whose big hits used the same tune) suggest a voting age demographic similar to the electorate in the Tory leadership contest. Say it ain’t so . . . !

  3. A collective ‘ouch’ on behalf of those who have been casting their votes!

    I think, however, you might be on to something there, Chaval in terms of the age profile of the TVV cognoscenti. It’s a fact of life that this little corner of the internet is big on nostalgia and less prone to new and emerging music, and indeed almost all ICAs go back in time, some much deeper than others.

    The one thing I have been pleased about is the fact that the votes are coming in from many different parts of the world, and it’ll be interesting to see where it all leads to come the knock-out stages.

  4. @Charity Chic, you must have heard the almighty thud yesterday morning!

    Thanks to a self-imposed voting rule, I didn’t cast a vote for Julian Cope…but did for It’s Immaterial, which seems to been more of a deciding factor than I could have realised. Both my own ICA contributions, too! Sometimes, my self-discipline sucks.

    I’ll give you all a wave from the end of the Arch Drude’s CCFO queue…

  5. I really came a cropper on THIS one! Eight picks, and only two made it through. Quite a surprise considering how many of the ones I didn’t choose were real stinkers in my opinion. I blame bad calls by the referees.

  6. JC, I just wanted to add my appreciation for your selection of ‘themed’ exit songs for each of the groups – very well done there, sir!

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