I really have taken far too long to draw this one to your attention.

Life Model have been making music for quite a while, having been named as ‘one to watch’ in 2018 by BBC Radio Scotland.  But it took till 2021 for the debut album to come out, on Last Night From Glasgow, whose website provides as good a summary as you could ask for:-

Life Model are a 5-piece dream pop band from Glasgow, made up of Sophie Evans (vocals and guitar), Chris Smith (guitar), Helen Farrow-Thoms (keys and backing vocals), Cameron McDougall (bass) and Michael McDonald (drums). The band mixes classic indie and pop of the likes of The Sundays and Belle and Sebastian with the noisier leanings of bands like Sonic Youth.

The debut album, Lost On Weekdays, Lonely By Sunday, contains ten recordings, but only five songs as one side consists of band versions while the other side consists of acoustic performances.

mp3: Life Model – Sit Still

The opening track, and the one whose lyric provides the title for the debut album.  It’s an excellent and consistently strong offering, and given that the songs offer a wonderful summery vibe, it’s one that I’ve been playing a lot as the days get longer.

Highly recommended.  And it would be nice if you bought it direct from the label, as that way, more money goes direct to the musicians. Click here.



  1. A copy of this LP was gifted to me by a kind individual. I highly recommend the full band side of the LP.

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