From wiki:

Robin Andrew Guthrie (born 4 January 1962) is a Scottish musician, songwriter, composer, record producer and audio engineer, best known as the co-founder of the alternative rock band Cocteau Twins. During his career Guthrie has performed guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums and other musical instruments, in addition to programming, sampling and sound processing.

I’ve plenty of Cocteau Twins music in the collection, but for some inexplicable reason, I never got interested in pursuing any of the solo material that has been written and recorded by Robin Guthrie over the years.  All I have is one track, included on a compilation CD given away with Word magazine in October 2009:-

mp3: Robin Guthrie – Close My Eyes & Burn

It’s an instrumental from the album Carousel, released in 2009 on Darla Records, a label based in San Diego, California and while there is something worth hanging onto, it just feels that little bit empty without Elizabeth Fraser coming in on vocals.  But I suppose I should get over it given that it’s now 26 years since Cocteau Twins last released any new music and there is absolutely no chance of them ever getting back together.



  1. Guthries collaboration with Mark Gardener of Ride in 2015 is quite a favorite album of mine. 2009’s Mirrorball, a collaboration with John Foxx is simply beautiful. The song Estrellita is pure joy.

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