Yesterday’s posting was inspired by an ICA featuring a b-side.   Well, whatdyaknow?  One of the very best ICAs was one which consisted solely of b-sides.

Here’s The Robster back on 23 June 2015 with something from ICA #18-

“Edam Anchorman : b-side of (Drawing) Rings Around The World (2001)

One of my fave Super Furry Animals singles had this little monkey hiding almost unnoticed on its flip. It reminds of so many other things that have come out much more recently, but as is the norm for the Furries, they seemed to be ahead of their time back in 2001. One of the biggest, most anthemic choruses they’ve done.”

(Drawing) Rings Around The World was the second single taken from the band’s fifth album, Rings Around The World. It was released on 8 October 2001 on 12″ vinyl and on enhanced CD which also contained the promo video.  Each version had three songs, albeit just two tunes:-

mp3: Super Furry Animals – (Drawing) Rings Around The World
mp3: Super Furry Animals – Edam Anchorman
mp3: Super Furry Animals – All The Shit U Do

The single did get to #28 in the UK charts, and was also voted in at #21 in the John Peel Festive 50 of 2001.



  1. My favourite Super Furries track is also an early b-side, Dim Brys Dim Chwys, although not sure of how they arrived at this post-rave sound. I’m a big fan of the band, maybe living just across from the Welsh border it’s in the water to appreciate their grandeur.

    Dim brys, wyt ti yn gwybod beth I wneud?
    No hurrry, do you know what to do?
    Dim chwys, wyt ti yn gwybod beth I dweud?
    No sweat, do you know what to say?

  2. PS. JC that last comment was mine from the SFA appreciation society ( please listen to this tune via YouTube )

  3. Been listening to ‘Rings Around The World’ LP again due to the 20th anniversary. I think that the well known tracks aren’t as good as the non-single tracks. The run from tracks 10-13 is sublime. Definitely a member of tbe SFA Appreciation Society.

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