Lockdown 3 Reaction

A week past on Monday, watching ‘the man who doesn’t know how to use a comb’ announce Lockdown 3 was a depressing experience and led to a variety of emotions, which I think the following opening tracks convey.

Whilst side 1 reflects my immediate response, Side 2 is the sound of me picking myself up.

Special mention must go to the song chosen to close side 2 – if ever there was an anthem for current times this is surely it:

Side 1

Whitewater – Let’s Eat Grandma (from the album, I’m All Ears)

An instrumental opening track is a feature of many of my favourite albums and this conveys a amazing sense of forboding

Anxiety- Preoccupations (from the album, Preoccupations)

Previously know as ‘Viet Cong’ – Preoccupations self titled album didn’t quite hit the heights for me, but this is the feeling I experience whenever I go into a shop at the moment

Standing Still – Artery (from the album, Civilisation)

From their 2012 album, it is what the world is doing at the moment

Screaming In The Darkness – Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls (from the album, Screaming In The Darkness)

To my mind Martin’s Hannett’ s greatest production – no need for further superlatives

Without An End – Reduction Plan (from the album, Somewhere)

Even without the lyrics the music feels right

Side 2

Don’t Fall – The Chameleons (from the album, Script Of The Bridge)

One of the great Manchester post punk bands who would have been so much bigger/respected if they had been on factory – the opening voice over recorded from the TV ‘what on earth are you talking about’ is what we would all have thought 18 months ago

Start Again – The Slow Readers Club (from the album, Cavalcade)

A current Manchester band who should be so much more successful than they are – so far

Jardin Botanique – Opera Multi Steel (from the album, Days Of Creation)

A band from France that a came across a few years ago when I discovered ‘Coldwave’ – I’m lucky to have a garden and it has been a place of joy and comfort during the lockdowns

Beautiful Day – Voom (from the album, Hello Are You There?)

I know nothing about Voom apart from they are from New Zealand,

All In It – British Sea Power (from the album, Do You Like Rock Music?)

An anthem for lockdown

middle aged man

JC adds…..Thanks to MAM for a very diverse and unusual mix of opening tracks.  My apologies that I didn’t have the time to pull these together into the usual Side A and Side B offerings.  I’ll look to add them at the weekend.


  1. MAM, a wonderful collection of songs (& bands) that I’m not very familiar with, but which work really well as a collection. The opening brace of tracks is great, Opera Multi Steel is a wonderful new (for me) discovery and closing with British Sea Power is spot on. My joy at hearing The Chameleons was slightly offset by the bleary eyed early morning discovery that my copy of Script Of The Bridge has gone AWOL. I’m hoping for a happy ending, but this will be the soundtrack of my search when I finish work later. Thanks!

  2. Good to see some love for The Chameleons – a band who have never been appreciated as much as they should have been. Don’t Fall was a consideration for my hastily cobbled together Opening Tracks ICA, but ultimately missed out, with Magazine taking the obligatory Manchester band slot.

  3. This is a really well-crafted set. I like how the instrumental opener goes into the the slow build of the Preoccupations songs. Everything holds together in a uniform whole. Nice one, MAM.

  4. Thanks for all your positive comments – Script of The Bridge is one of those albums that when I first bought I felt was ok but it didn’t quite match some of the other albums of the time, however, over the years its one I have kept coming back to far more than some of the more trendy albums of the early 80’s – my favourite single track is ‘A person isn’t safe anywhere these days’ which would have perfectly fitted the lockdown ICA but wasn’t the opening track – Hope you find your missing copy Khayem. – JC looking forward to the Pauline Murray space- if you can find anything to match the The Invisible Girls album we are in for a treat

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