I really don’t have anything to say, other than Paul Quinn is, IMHO, the finest vocalist ever to come out of Scotland. If you need any further info, then I will simply direct you to a fabulous fansite, one that may not have been updated for a few years, but has everything that is relevant.

Today’s track is taken from an NME cassette, Tape Worm, released back in 1985.

mp3: Paul Quinn – Ain’t That Always The Way (demo)

This would, in due course, be released as a single later the same year on the Swamplands label, itself run by Alan Horne a few years after Postcard Records had imploded.  It is, technically speaking, the only solo single that Paul ever released.


NB: tempting as it is, I’ll not use the next two weeks to have a look at songs by Paul Quinn & The Independent Group or by Paul Quinn & The Nectarine No.9.


  1. Mr Quinn’s voice is incredibly distinctive. He ranks high in my own personal list of favourite Scottish, male vocalists. Alas, he only makes it as high as number 3 with the number 1 and 2 spots below.

    1. Billy Mackenzie
    2. John White

    Ain’t That Always The Way highlights Mr Quinn’s unique vocal style and is a favourite that stands the test of time.

  2. I bought both Bourgie Bourgie 12” singles, his one 12” single with Vince Clarke and both his solo 12” singles. I was also given a bootleg of the Bourgie Bourgie album. I also own both with his two albums with The Independent Group. My favourite singer of all time. Such a pity his output is so small.

  3. I don’t think I know who John White is?
    Have I forgotten or is he a well kept secret?
    Google didn’t help……

  4. Paul Quinn is a fantastic singer, but as already pointed out the finest singer ever from Scotland is Billy MacKenzie. Full stop.

  5. John White was an elegant midfielder who was an inspirational figure in the Spurs 61 double team, a Scottish international who would have been one of the all time greats had he not been killed by lightning at the age of 27. You saying he was a singer too? Who knew?

  6. John White is the singer with the magnificent Hardy Boys. Recorded, or live, his vocals are a delight – for this listener. I know such things as favourites are wholly subjective however, had we not had a Mr Billy Mackenzie, Mr White would have hit my number one spot.

  7. Very strong rumours now that PQ fans are in for a treat soon. Postcard Records seem to be tweeting from @dubh185 and Robert Hodgens has talked about a retrospective deluxe boxset in the works

  8. Anonymous – As a Paul Quinn fan, I could sure do with a treat, a box set sounds fantastic!

    Agree with other comments, Billy Mackenzie and Paul definitely two absolutely incredible vocalists that Scotland can be very proud of.

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