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Kenny Anderson,  known primarily by his stage name King Creosote, is an independent singer-songwriter from Fife, Scotland. To date, Anderson has released over forty albums, with his latest, Astronaut Meets Appleman, released in 2016. Anderson is also a member of Scottish-Canadian band The Burns Unit. In 2011, Anderson’s collaborative album with Jon Hopkins, Diamond Mine, was nominated for the Mercury Prize and the Scottish Album of the Year Award.

After having featured in Scottish bands Skuobhie Dubh Orchestra and Khartoum Heroes, in 1995 Kenny Anderson launched Fence Records, alongside Johnny Lynch, and began recording albums under the name King Creosote.  He eventually stepped back from day-to-day running of the label in 2010.

In recent years, Anderson has teamed up with Domino Records who have co-released some of his albums. He also spent some time on Warner subsidiary, 679, which gave him major label backing for the first time. His increasing frustration with the music industry and how digital recordings are becoming throwaway commodities led him to release his material in small, vinyl only runs which were largely only available at concerts.

Today’s track is taken from the LP, KC Rules OK released in September 2005. The album’s liner notes state that its songs were written between 1988-2003. The backing band were The Earlies, an English/American four-piece who have been described in the media as folk-psychedelia and as country-meets-prog-meets-electronica symphonies.

In December 2009, KC Rules OK was ranked #6 in a local magazine’s “Scottish Albums of the Decade” rundown.

mp3 : King Creosote – I’ll Fly By The Seat Of My Pants

In 2014, I was lucky enough to be helping out with the arrangements at this unforgettable day of music.

King Creosote was headlining the second of the big gigs but as a warm-up, he turned up, unnanounced, in a local pub, and played three songs standing next to the fruit machine as locals looked on in wonderment. I’d been tipped off this was going to happen and got myself along….and stood no more than five feet away as it all unfolded.

It was sublime, sensational and unforgettable


PS: Just remembered I took a hasty and poor quality photo while KC was performing in the pub….



  1. Ah, King Creosote. Kenny is a master of melody and harmony. KC Rules OK is still my favourite KC LPs.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the tale of the live event and can only imagine how edifying it would have been to be present. It was following a KC gig in Glasgow that I decided that I would no longer attend gigs. KC were utterly sublime, astonishing really but … I could hardly hear the band for the bullish mutterings of the ‘so-called’ fans. It really was a disgraceful amount of unnecessary noise.

    I find KC Rules OK to be an incredibly uplifting experience. Thanks to this prompt I foresee it being played this very afternoon.

  2. Some of KC’s stuff is so emotional and intimate, despite my love for the songs especially off this album, I fond them difficult to listen to. My Favourite Girl is one.

  3. When he played Boston he went from emotional songs to playing the La di da song by Francie and Josie making the whole American audience kill themselves with laughter. He then skillfully dealt with a plastered heckler. Kenny is a consummate showman and a real star

  4. And now Simple Minds have covered a King Creosote song. Can’t say I’m moved by the results. Not what I don’t want to hear from The Minds… but hardly what I do want to hear, either. A curiously unmoving experience.

  5. I’d never have guessed that was Simple Minds if it had come out of a radio….it’s very underwhelming.

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