It’s been a strange week with the ICA World Cup.

Four superb ties from last Saturday have been somewhat overshadowed by the midweek row over the potential exclusion of The Smiths after the latest interview given by Morrissey in which he, again, uttered words and espoused theories that were truly offensive to most folk.

I have, genuinely, appreciated the various forms of feedback from everyone which has certainly got me thinking about what to do next. It’s no surprise at all to see so many different suggestions being offered up and I’ll continue to take counsel over the next few days and say something when I the post the next again set of half-time updates in a few days time.

Returning again to last week’s match-ups. There was widespread support for all eight sides, albeit none of the games were nail-biters in the end. There’s certainly a lot of quality going to be on display among the final 16…….

New Order 28 v The Fall 14
Talking Heads 15 v The Housemartins 26
The Velvet Underground 17 v The Clash 22
The Jesus and Mary Chain 25 v The The 16

This week’s match-ups were scheduled to be penned by jimdoes, but one of them would have featured The Smiths and so they have all been held over till next week while the matches originally scheduled for next week have been hurriedly rearranged!

Lightning Seeds v Saint Etienne

A tie for the pop purists. And the two songs which have emerged from the selection process will undoubtedly attract votes. The home side has crept quietly under the radar to this point in the competition with Broudie’s Boys seeing off Gemma Ray and Big Audio Dynamite without too much fuss. Cracknell’s Crackers on the other hand, having eased past The Sugarplastic in Round 1, found themselves in a bruising and epic battle against The Cramps last time out. Will the efforts involved have tired them out or toughened them up for this assignment.

The Life of Riley (from Sense, 1992) v Hobart Paving (single version, 1993)

Pulp v Pavement

“I’ll have a P please Bob!’ as the tittering teenagers taking part in the quiz show Blockbusters were so fond of uttering when host Bob Holness asked for their choice of letter.

This is the latest of the many intriguing contests this intriguing competition has thrown up over the first three rounds. Both teams have delivered genuinely brilliant records over the years alongside material that was designed to test the patience and capacities of their more casual fans but to the great delight of the ultras. This could be a whitewash either way or turn out to be very close. It’s almost totally predicatable that both sides have gone with songs that aren’t among their best known, seemingly keeping their powders dry for whatever challenges lie ahead. The original author of the Pulp ICA described today’s song as bleak but rewarding; the original author of the Pavement ICA described today’s song as ‘a bit psychedelic… elephants charging’.  The original author of both ICAs was Tim Badger.

The Fear (from This Is Hardcore, 1998) v Texas Never Whispers (from Watery Domestic EP, 1992)

Wire(2) v Butcher Boy

I think you’d have got good odds on both these sides making it to the last 32. It will be quietly satisfying that one of these very fine but unheralded acts will march proudly into the final 16 when so many giants will have been toppled.

Wire, having seen off two English pop acts from different decades – Supergrass and The Higsons – are relying on a typical two minute burst of manic pop thrills to get through against their Scottish opponents this time round. Butcher Boy, conquerors of The Magnetic Fields and Martin Stephenson, are probably more renowned for lush arrangements around heartfelt ballads but take to this field with something a bit more conventional that has possibly the best organ solo that you’ll hear in this or any other round not to mention the best use of a cello on any song outside of Monkey Gone To Heaven.

Two People In A Room (from 154, 1979) v You’re Only Crying For Yourself (from React or Die, 2009)

Orange Juice v The Wedding Present

The competition is meant to be about the merits of the two songs on offer. I’m wondering if the inclusion of a live version by one of these stellar acts will have a bearing on the outcome. Either way, I’m not going to be alone in being delighted for the winner and distraught for the loser.

Felicity (single, 1982) v My Favourite Dress (live) (recorded at Sound City Leeds in 1996)

Just a pity that the coins and dice didn’t give us the cover version of Felicity by TWP……………..

Votes must be cast by Friday 27 April at 10pm.

Happy Listening.


35 thoughts on “BONUS SERIES : THE ICA WORLD CUP : ROUND 3 (Part 3)

  1. Most of the words about Morrissey are said an he’s not a honorable man for me any more. So back to the game

    Lightning Seeds
    Orange Juice

  2. The appropriate football related song wins here – Seeds
    Opposition mashed to a pulp
    Needed my ‘map Ref’ to get to the ground – got there just inside the wire
    Refreshment at half time? Get those oranges out!

  3. Lightning seeds
    this is my final, and for me it has to be the Wedding Present –

  4. Cannot believe all the votes for the Lightning Seeds over Hobart Paving. No way is anything Broudie has done as good as HP. Not even close. *sigh* I gave up voting out of pure frusration a few weeks ago, but couldn’t let this one lie. So I’m going to vote for the four that simply won’t win:
    Saint Etienne
    Butcher Boy
    Wedding Present

  5. I’m really sorry to say that the first three are scoring draws for me, but in Felicity, Orange Juice have a game winner.

  6. Honestly can’t believe how popular the Lightning Seeds are. I had no idea.

    St Etienne.
    Last one is tough. Felicity is ace, my favourite OJ song. MFD is also ace. The game swings one way, then another, but in the end- woah woah- woah woah- woah woah- Felicity.

  7. Life of Riley is a decent enough bloke-indie tune ideal for soundtracking footie highlights but Hobart Paving is a stone cold classic. I vote for St Etienne, but if they lose this it would be like the 70s Dutch being beaten by Scotland (oh, wait that happened).

    Orange Juice

    Can’t offer a decision on the other games.

  8. Just like Adam I’m astonished to see so many people voting for The Lightning Seeds, I mean, yes, the song they came up with is really good, no question about that, also I’ve never been a big Saint Etienne fan, but here they rather clearly win with ‘Hobart Paving’: what a neat tune, to be sure!

    Pavement, an easy victory!

    Wire: not that easy, but it goes to show that their brutal Uruguayan style was enough for them to win!

    The last one did me head in, it really did! I was tempted to say “no goals after extra time” because I’m such a coward and feel bitter for the loser. But all in all it has got to be Orange Juice, right? David, should you be reading: I’m deeply sorry, believe me!

  9. It seems to be getting tougher every week (but then I guess it’s supposed to).
    Saint Etienne (I love HP. TLOR is a decent tune though, so I did have to have a bit of a think)
    Pavement (wasn’t that fussed with either of these, so the shorter one wins)
    Butcher Boy
    Orange Juice (didn’t enjoy the live Weddoes tune as much as I thought I would – can’t believe I’ve voted against them twice now)

  10. St Etienne – Never in doubt
    Pavement – A toughie, but the song wins out
    Butcher Boy – Could have gone either way
    Wedding Present – Evil decision – but its a good live version

  11. I saw Bob Stanley do a screening of his film ‘How We Used To Live’ a couple of years ago and after the film St Etienne played two tracks, one of which was Hobart Paving – it was incredible. I’ve never understood the love for The Lightning Seeds – middle of the road tosh to these ears. So this first match is easy – ST ETIENNE


    BUTCHER BOY (voting for the underdog)

    WEDDING PRESENT – even though it’s a live version, My Favourite Dress still just about has enough to beat Felicity – close call though

  12. St Etienne, St Etienne, St Etienne, St Etienne, St Etienne, St Etienne….

    Will never understand this game, how on earth (heaven, the universe) could The The be tossed out with such a fantastic song? The world is unfair and unjust.

  13. Lightning Seeds
    I prefer TWP… but it’s a live version and Felicity is such a great pop song… so reluctantly, I’m going to have to vote against Mr. Gedge for once. Orange Juice.

  14. Lightning Seeds (I love St. Etienne, but that LS song is near perfect.)
    Butcher Boy
    Orange Juice

    As for the Smiths situation, let them play. I expect them to lose next round anyway. I won’t vote for Moz.

  15. L Seeds….one of their best. Tugh one for St. E to beat (esp. with a ballad)
    Pavement….always Pavement
    Butcher Boy….I just surprised myself. A much bouncier outing from BB
    This is hard. Two completely different guitar sounds. one poppy, on driving. I’m in a fun mood so…OJ wins it

  16. I fuck off for a couple of weeks and the dozy bastards in charge of this place let it become an absolute shambles. With voting the way it has gone in recent times, it’s no wonder I don’t believe in democracy…..

    And don’t for, FFS, get me started on our racist Mancunian mate. Great to see some folk going for the hardline approach.

    This week….if this lot don’t go through, then there’s no hope left for a decent outcome.

    Saint Etienne
    Butcher Boy
    Orange Juice

    Three top class songs you should never tire of listening to.

    Cocker and Malkus in the other game should be ashamed of the lazy arsed efforts this week. Kick them both out and bring back any of last weeks unlucky losers.

    Malky T

  17. First up we get one of the most difficult ties to decide on . 2 of the greatest ‘pop’ bands slug it out. In the end it has to go to Sarah and the boys, but only after a couple of replays and penalties
    The other matches are much more straight forward
    Butcher Boy
    Orange Juice

  18. Hey JC,

    This weeks selections are:

    Lightning Seeds
    Butcher Boy
    Orange Juice



  19. Saint Etienne, Pulp, Wire, Orange Juice. Surprisingly easy this week.

    On the Smiths / Morrissey thing, I have a sneaking suspicion that some giantkilling is on the way. Ronnie Radford – the return.

  20. Lightning Seeds. close. But I just smiled more for this one.
    Pavement. I didn’t even know I liked Pavement until this cup !
    Butcher Boy. Forever
    Orange Juice. Edwin showing great leadership skills picking the right track for the opposition, I feel both sides won this one.

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