Who’s up for a little old-fashion synth-pop, 80’s style? Fire up that Yamaha DX-7 and break out the skinny ties:

Situation: Yazoo

Locomotion: OMD

Frustration: Soft Cell

Reunion : Erasure

Reputation : Heaven 17

Telecommunication : A Flock Of Seagulls

Sorry for not including Human League’s ‘Fascination’ but its actual title is ‘(Keep Feeling) Fascination’. Also sorry for going with Heaven 17’s ‘Reputation’ over the more popular ‘Temptation’, but that’s the one I like better. And synth-pop royalty Depeche Mode released a number of charged particles, but none from the 80’s I like. So, by way of a bonus, here’s a tune from 1978 that’s sort of a precursor to all of the above music:

Dislocation: Ultravox



3 thoughts on “CHARGED PARTICLES (9)

  1. As much as I like the top six tunes, the precursor smokes them all for breakfast! Of course, Ultravox were smart enough to go to the source: Conny Plank, for his expertise years in advance of the also-rans in places 1-6. Yes, I’m an old guy! Even OMD were also-rans compared to Ultravox! [especially by that single] Though to be fair, by the time of “Locomotion,” even Ultravox were also-rans to Ultravox!

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