Eagleowl were described by one critic as the soundtrack to the saddest, most beautiful art-house film you’ve never seen.

Consisting of Bartholomew Owl (guitar, vocals, glockenspiel), Clarissa Cheong (double bass, vocals), Malcolm Benzie (violin, guitar, vocals), Rob St John (harmonium, organ, vocals), Owen Williams (drums) and Hannah Shepherd (cello), they released two singles and one EP of low-fi folk-pop music between 2008-10 before a debut LP This Silent Year was put out by the now defunct Fence Records in 2013.

They’ve been pretty quiet since although almost all the band members have guested on various albums and live shows by many other similar sounding singers and bands; Rob is currently very busy with Modern Studies, a band that has really taken off over the past year or so while Bart is involved in increasingly with the latest version of Meursault. Whether all this means that we’ve seen the last of Eagleowl, I’m really not sure.

This is the rather lovely and atmospheric title track of their first ever EP:-

mp3 : Eagleowl – For The Thoughts You Never Had


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