I believe it’s TVV pal Jacques the Kipper who sometimes rolls his eyes at our, er, nostalgic appreciation of bands gone by. I’m guilty of that — I did contribute an ICA about Spoon, who are still active, but the first ones I wrote were about XTC and the Stranglers, bands that began in the 1970’s. So here are a handful of contemporary charged particles just so’s you don’t get the impression that I’m not paying attention to what’s happening musically these days.

Ascension: Gorillaz

Migration: Bonobo

Stimulation: Preoccupations

Tesselation: Mild High Club

Calcination : JLin


3 thoughts on “CHARGED PARTICLES…..HERE’S JONNY!!!!!! (3)

  1. Stimulation, by Preoccupations, is just a scorcher! Regardless if they call them selves by their current name or their prior moniker Viet Cong, these guys have tapped into a spirit and energy not many bands know how to harness.

  2. Agree with Echorich on the Preoccupations track. Conversely, i love the Mild High Club one – a real Steely Dan sort of vibe to it. I consider this to be a good thing.

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