60 ALBUMS @ 60 : #26


Pulp – Different Class (1995)

I’ve a great many CDs, singles and albums alike, from the Britpop era.  Not many of them have really stood the test of time.

Different Class is an album on this list which was down at 40-something when I began musing over things.  It’s not an album I’ve played all that much in recent times despite the fact that I bought a reissued version of it on vinyl a couple of years back – indeed the fact that the actual pressing left a lot to be desired has contributed to how little I’ve played it.

But one glance at the list of songs on the back of the sleeve soon had me moving it a few spots, and then there was the actual ‘fuck it’ moment where the realisation that Different Class is home to something which truly is an anthem for a particular generation.

mp3: Pulp – Common People

Even if the other eleven tracks were unlistenable, there would still a case to be made for this record to be in the Top 60.  It’s the song that turned Jarvis Cocker into a national treasure just a couple of years after being widely regarded as a joke figure by almost every single music writer.

The thing is, almost all the other eleven tracks have a great deal going for them, to the extent that they are very much overshadowed by Common People.  The reason for the use of the word ‘almost’ is that I’d be more than happy never to have to knowingly hear Disco 2000 ever again……it’s a dirge.


8 thoughts on “60 ALBUMS @ 60 : #26

  1. Great to see it at 26 JC – it is one of the best albums of the 90’s.. just a lot of tracks that people have forgotten about like ‘Something Changed’ which are fantastic..

  2. What! Is this… feeling? Feeling called love? For me, this album is the sweet spot between The Smiths’ awkward fumblings and Roxy Music’ s louche, arched eyebrow pop. Still like it…Agree about Disco 2000, it sucks. I prefer This Is Hardcore, mind. Much darker and more introspective.

  3. Have to agree that I prefer ‘This is Hardcore’ because it hangs together as a complete piece of work much better than ‘Different Class’. Not sure I am expressing this succint way but you get the idea.

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