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#014– The Church – ‚Texas Moon’ (Mushroom Records ’88)


Hello friends,

yet another trip around the world today, this series does keep you moving, doesn’t it? To Australia we go … and just in order to find yet another B-Side!

You might think I’m trying to be particularly clever with all these B-Sides, and especially today. No, I am not, honestly! Perhaps it’s my somewhat disturbed tastes that control these choices, who knows?

Here today the A-Side of the 7” in question, ‘Reptile’, is more than excellent, no question about that. But so are a few other singles by The Church, and you will certainly know them by heart: ‘The Unguarded Moment’ and/or ‘Under The Milky Way’. All three tunes would have deserved to be included in the package, I admit.

And the same is true for the entirety of the 1981 debut album by The Church, ‘Of Skins And Heart’ (or, for non-Australian folk, ‘The Church’ (1982)). I recommend this record without no reservation at all, I really do! So it is even more astonishing that I didn’t choose a track from it … and went for something that most probably only hardcore Church-enthusiasts have ever heard.

I really can’t explain why I did this or what it is that I like so much about ‘Texas Moon’. The band didn’t even feature it on their albums, so obviously they must have regarded it as a bit of wastage. Either way, I always thought a) Steve Kilbey sounds as great on it as on all other songs, b) it’s a tune which grows on you, one c) you never get tired of hearing (at least I don’t). And the combination of a), b) and c) justifies an inclusion in this series, at least it does in my book.

So, on green vinyl, a limited edition without a ‘real’ cover, just a transparent sleeve, here’s to you: The Church: 



mp3:  The Church – Texas Moon



JC adds……………………….

It’s nothing to do with the actual song that Dirk has offered up today in what is proving to be a wonderful and fascinating series.

As part of me turning 60 this year, I’ve put in place a number of short trips to places, many of which were originally planned when I retired three years back but unable to be taken because of the COVID restrictions. 

Today, along with Rachel, I’m flying to Dusseldorf for a four-night stay.  There’s a few things planned, including getting along to a Bundesliga match on Sunday – Borussia Mönchengladbach v Union Berlin if you’re keen to know – but the best of all is the scheduled day out in Cologne tomorrow, during which we will be guided around the city by Dirk and Mrs Loser.

That’s not all.   Having passed on this info to Walter, my other dear German blogging friend over at A Few Good Times In My Life, he immediately made arrangements to travel almost 400km from his home in Stuttgart to join us tomorrow.

I think it’s a fair description to say that I’m a tad excited about it all.  The last time the three bloggers were together was in Glasgow six years ago, along with a few other folk who had made their way to my home city.

Click here for a reminder of part one of the story

And click here for part two

I’ve a feeling not quite as much drink will be consumed this time around as Mrs Loser and Rachel will likely help keep us a bit in check.   But rest assured, the good health of many friends will be toasted.


I’m still in Glasgow.  Strike action in Germany has resulted in the closure of Dusseldorf airport for 48 hours and our flight has been cancelled.   Solidarity with the workers means I won’t moan about it, but I am feeling rather disappointed.



  1. I do love a good b-side and this one is new to me…. and pretty great! It feels a bit like they were trying their hand at that shuffle beat that was bubbling around UK indie bands at the time. The space premium on vinyl LPs forced some hard decisions back in the day. At 5+min this would probs have been a tough sell to include. I can’t help but wonder if this would have been included in the album in the CD era.

    Dusseldorf! Underrated travel gem. While you are there you should stop by Rainking Records. It was one of the highlights of my last trip.

  2. I was going to say the same thing about Rainking Records but Eric beat me to it. Hope you get over there, if not this weekend then soon.

  3. Thanks for Texas Moon! The Church are criminally underrated and still making amazing records to this day. “The Hypnogogue” just came out a month or two ago. They’ve enough unbelievable tunes for a swag of ICAs. Hmmm, might have to get on to that…

  4. @Dirk: The Church are a band I know I would probably like if I took time to listen to them – too many people have recommended them. I like that this song might be a bit more obscure – favourite records can often be.

    @JC: Sorry to hear about the delay.

  5. Hope you still get to meet up with the German Blogging contingent.If so please pass on my regards

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