Track 21 on Disc 1 of the Big Gold Dreams box set.

‘Band with A Difference’ went the legend on the promotional keyrings put out by this Edinburgh four-piece, whose acronym stood for Thick Pink Ink.  TPI were originally fronted by a man known only as Curtis, who was resident DJ at Edinburgh New Town nightspot Tiffany’s which on Monday nights became the best gig venue in town.

Once Curtis left, guitarist Billy Barker stepped up to front this sixties-tinged first-person study in being romantically out of one’s depth, produced by original Bay City Rollers vocalist Nobby Clark.  The song’s prettified melodies and ringing guitars resembled the likes of The Flaming Groovies particular brand of power pop.

mp3: TPI – She’s Too Clever For Me

As far as I know, this was the only 45 ever released by TPI.  I’ve tried, without success, to track down You Rool Me, the other side of the Double AA single.


4 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SONG : #347: TPI

  1. Tiffanys was a legendary Edinburgh venue that staged loads of post-punk gigs back in the day, before my time sadly. When I lived just round the corner, mid-80s, it was a hideous disco called Cinderellas. I went once to see if any of the old magic remained, but the bouncers didn’t like the (indie-kid) look of me. Can’t say I blame them. I was a long way away when it burned down. Honest.

  2. If that was played at about 1/3 speed it would be ‘Common People’ by Pulp. Just leaving that out there.

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