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#010 – Brigitte Bardot – ‚Harley Davidson’ (Disc’Az, ’67)


Hello friends,

yes, yes, yes, I know what you all think: “now that he has realized that only a handful of people care about his stupid 111 singles nonsense, he’s pulling the old ‘if-everything-else-fails-big-tits-will-do’ – stunt”. Oh, you couldn’t be more wrong, you disbelievers! Alright, I admit Brigitte Bardot probably never was an ugly duckling, but that’s not what counts here and now. This lady has a spectacular voice and this record proves it, fact!

I can’t tell you all too much about its background, apart from the fact that the song was composed by Serge Gainsbourg, the old ladykiller. Also I can’t really tell you why it is that I like it so much – perhaps it is because the French language has always remained a bit of a mystery to me. I never had big problems with learning English in school, but French was a complete disaster, as well in secondary school as in commercial college. To be honest, I probably never got much further than ‘les haricots verts’ and ‘le premier étage’. Now, I think we all agree that this is not enough to enable me a decent retirement at some sunny French coast, but still I am really proud that I managed to add this to my superb knowledge:

“Je n’ai besoin de personne en Harley Davidson, je n’reconnais plus personne en Harley Davidson“.

These obviously are the first two lines of the song, the only ones I can remember. So every time I hear the tune, I sing those two lines perfectly faultless at the top of my lungs. But when it comes to the next bit, the one with the starter, I fail hopelessly, each and every time. So I let Brigitte do the job, hum along with her here and there and dream of riding a cool motorcycle myself (I don’t even have a driving license for these, but no matter). Feel free to do the same:



mp3: Brigitte Bardot – Harley Davidson

You’ll be relieved to hear that this may probably be the oldest record in the series (not that the others are much more contemporary, mind you). Speaking of age, I should add that my copy is a re-release from 1980, and albeit it reads ‘1968’ on the back sleeve, the original was released in 1967. Either way, I think it’s a fantastic tune which definitely has stood the test of time.

Consequently: enjoy!


9 thoughts on “ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN SINGLES : #010

  1. French pop music, in the sixties, was just superb. I grew up inadvertently listening to loads of it – mid to late 70s – not knowing who many of the bands, singers or songwriters were till the 80s. I’ve retained a love of it as the songs have the power to transport me back to being a kid.

    Harley Davidson, while not a personal favourite, is still a great song that captures a time and instantly reminds me of good, good people. Thank you.

    I do hope you revisit French pop.

  2. An animal rights militant who was convicted four times for inciting racial hatred, and who twice endorsed National Front leader Marine Le Pen for the French Presidency, calling her a modern Joan of Arc, Bardot would definitely fail the “Morrissey test”.

  3. A great song. Of all the covers, the best is surely Mick Harvey (with Anita Lane). (Mick Harvey: no relation to PJ – but he did collaborate with her and produced several of her albums).
    Both vids – the original with BB and the Mick-Anita version are well worth a watch and playing loud!
    PS Serge Gainsborough’s album ‘Histoire de Melody Nelson’ from 1971 is well worth checking out.

  4. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but that definitely wasn’t it! Quite an interesting listen. Cheers, Dirk!

  5. Fantastic stuff and another excellent choice for this series. I always liked this song. And as Adam said, French 60s pop/Ye Ye is always a place I enjoy from time to time. Thx Dirk

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