A band that dominated the charts in the late 90s with the #1 albums White On Blonde and The Hush, as well as a ridiculously high number of hit singles.

I don’t have any Texas songs from that era.  All I have, courtesy of its inclusion on the Park Lane Archives compilation that I’ve referred to a few times over the years, is this:-

mp3: Texas – I Don’t Want A Lover (demo)

What many folk don’t realise, or perhaps forget, is that Texas for a long long while were in danger of being cast as one-hit wonders.  I Don’t Want A Lover was the debut single.  It reached #8 at the beginning of 1989.  There would then be another twelve singles, only one of which made the Top 20 (and even that was a cover song!), before they struck gold with Say What You Want in 1997.

The demo of the debut single is all slide guitar and bombastic backing track. The drums, incidentally, are the work of Stuart Kerr who had previously been part of TVV favourites, Friends Again.


7 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SONG : #341: TEXAS

  1. There are a pair of excellent lo- fi electro remixes of the late 90s Texas by Two Lone Swordsmen, proof that Weatherall did sometimes do things for the money.

  2. I was at such a sad place that I bought the Texas album and all of its singles back in the day. Possibly just because they were Scots! Then I came to my senses.

  3. Somehow, this is the very first time I ever heard a song by Texas. Over the years I’d heard OF them, and thought they picked a curious name, but never got around to checking the band out. If this song is representative I’m pretty much done now.

  4. I bought the record for one important reason: I loved Sharleen Spiteri to death. Unfortunately, the music was always a bit coarse-pored.

  5. I wasn’t particularly bothered by Texas, I liked Sharleen’s voice and found the music inoffensive but unexciting for the most part. I bought the occasional single for its remixes – I agree with Adam that the Weatherall/Two Lone Swordsmen remixes are great, but I couldn’t tell you what the original song sounds like! I also liked Sharleen’s contribution to Rae & Christian’s debut album in the late 1990s, but have no interest in a Texas reappraisal any time soon.

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