I’ve written previously in the present tense about TeenCanteen.   Now that they are that no longer together as a group, I’ll reproduce those words today in the past tense.

TeenCanteen, aside from having a tremendous name, made tremendous old-fashioned pop music that made you want to just dance and sing along. The band consisted of Carla Easton (lead vocals/keyboards), Sita Pieracinni (vocals/bass), Amanda Williams (vocals/guitar) and Deborah Smith (vocals/drums). Note right away the emphasis on all four members contributing on vocals as that was central to their sound, not just on record but in the live setting.

My mate Aldo was quick to pick up on the group back in 2013 just as they were beginning t9o make a name for themselves across the Glasgow scene.  It took me until late 2014 to catch them at a small venue on the south side of Glasgow not too far from my home, and I found myself highly impressed.

The group was tipped by many for big things.  A debut single via cassette had been followed by a debut single on vinyl, before the then new label, Last Night From Glasgow, released their debut album, Say It All With A Kiss, in 2016 to immense acclaim. In the meantime, Carla Easton, using the name Ette, had written, recorded and released a solo album, Homemade Lemonade, a record which was given an even bigger critical acclaim than that of her band.

In early 2017, TeenCanteen’s profile was growing, and the band were at the heart of putting together a number of multi-band shows for worthy and charitable causes in the city, while also releasing a 10″ EP, from which this is the lead track.

Out of the blue came the news that the group was taking a break.  It had been a meteoric rise and perhaps it was a good idea to take stock.  Only problem is that six years down the line, TeenCanteen still haven’t got back together, albeit Last Night From Glasgow, in 2021, did provide a vinyl release for a series of demos that had been in the vaults.

In the meantime, Carla J Easton, as she was now known, released two further excellent solo albums in 2018 and 2020, while a couple of years she joined forces with Simon Liddell (ex-Frightened Rabbit) to form Poster Paints whose debut album was released last October.  It would appear, therefore, that TeenCanteen will be no more, although nothing formal has ever been announced.

Here’s the a-side of the 7″ single released in 2014:-

mp3: TeenCanteen – You’re Still Mine



  1. Say it All With a Kiss was a great album
    Mine is no 248 from the original pressing of 300

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