It was just over a week ago that I offered readers the opportunity to win a digital copy of Pop’s Lowly Status, a 16-song ‘best of’ collection of solo songs by Adam Stafford

The original plan had been to have one lucky entrant receive, via bandcamp, all of the digital releases that the great man currently has available on that platform, while four others would be gifted a copy of Pop’s Lowly Status.

A chat with Adam last week led us to the decision that everyone who had taken the time to answer correctly the question, “Which Scottish town is home to Adam Stafford?”, would be gifted a copy of the new compilation.  The answer is Falkirk, although that’s a long way from where he was born, which as a number of folk mentioned was Sunderland.

Everyone has been notified and if I’ve done things correctly via my own bandcamp account, then digital copies of the album have been distributed, while I’m working on the best way to get the grand prize of Adam’s full back catalogue over to Rol.

A huge thanks to everyone who took part, and that’s from both myself and Adam. 

Here’s something that isn’t on the new compilation:-

mp3: Adam Stafford – Taser Revelations (Hold On Children)

It’s the title track from his 2016 album, and one that if I had been pulling together an ICA would more than likely have made the cut.



  1. Thank you to both Adam and yourself for this generous gesture. I turned out to be a lucky winner and I’m delighted.

    P.S. when typing this I made a typo, since corrected, that made me laugh out loud. Here it is… yourelf.

  2. Lovely early Xmas gift. As we don’t really do Xmas, I can be fairly certain that it will be the finest this year!

    Delighted to be able to give the whole compilation extensive listens.
    Thanks to the pair of you.

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