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003 – BABYBIRD – ‚Goodnight’ (The Echo Label, ’96)


Hello friends,
more melody, I hear you say? Well, here you are – today’s choice probably is as catchy a tune as you will get in this series! A bit turgid and without having looked it up, I strongly assume it has even charted back then as well. This, of course, is no obstacle for a song to feature here, but it is unusual nevertheless for the balance of singles to come.

I first got aware of Babybird by a song they had on one of those ‘Volume’ – compilations, ‘Alan Ladd’. Only that they were still called Baby Bird then. The song was okay, I thought, but then they quickly disappeared from my radar. Until I first heard ‘You’re Gorgeous’, their hit single. It was played to death on the radio, even here in Germany. Which – again – normally isn’t a good sign, but I was very fond of it, I remember.

But not as fond as I was of today’s song, which is, in fact, Babybird’s first single:



mp3: Babybird – ‘Goodnight’

It just blew me away, I must say, and it still has the very same effect these days, after all these years. It made me buy their album ‘Ugly Beautiful’, but if memory serves, I didn’t like it very much. Perhaps I should give it a second chance?

But even if the album fails to me please me again, there’s always ‘Goodnight’ ….

All the best, enjoy,


PS: and if hamirthehermit should be reading this: just send me a short mail (dirk dot huppertz at gmx dot de) and I will reply with a rip of the other side of The Akrylykz – single. And probably also with some useful information about where to find even more stuff by the band, partly unreleased …

3 thoughts on “ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN SINGLES : #003

  1. I was lucky enough to catch Babybird at the Reading Festival late 90’s, was one of the smaller stages, in a tent. The band played this and yes, that song as well. Stephen Jones performing live is magical, mesmerizing. Agree with you about the album Dirk, it does dip in and out. I constantly replay Too Handsome To Be Homeless from there though.

  2. Already 25 years behind us but continue to cherish the heavenly melodies of Baby Bird with songs like If You’ll Be Mine,Dead Bird Sings,Too Handsome To Be Homeless,You’re Gorgeous Too ……etc

  3. I love Babybird. It was a shame ‘YG’ was a hit as i think he got pigeonholed in the one hit wonder category. Goodnight is fantastic as is candy girl off that album. I think the 2 albums after had corkers too. My favourite song by Stephen Jones is ‘failed suicide club’ which for me is just genius…

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