The above photo is of Razorcuts, as found within an insert of their second single, Sorry To Embarrass You, released by the Subway Organisation in 1986.

My first exposure to Razorcuts wasn’t a good one.  It came via the inclusion of a track on the Cherry Red Records compilation CD86. The track was I’ll Still Be There, the b-side of their debut single, originally released on Subway.  I wrote about it in April 2015 as part of a series looking at the 48 tracks that made up CD86, and gave it a pasting on the basis that the dreadful sub-standard vocal performance bordered on the unlistenable.

I’ve since sort of apologised by posting, in July 2019, a very positive review of I Heard You The First Time, an EP from 1987 that was issued by Creation Records.

The second part of the apology comes today.

A long train journey a few weeks back led to me giving a listen to Indiepop, a 2 x CD compilation that came out through Rough Trade in 2004 – and the source of yesterday’s song from Beat Happening.  There’s also a song from Razorcuts on said compilation, the aforementioned sophomore 45:-

mp3: Razorcuts – Sorry To Embarrass You

It’s a very solid, enjoyable and catchy piece of mid-80s indie pop, albeit the vocal does occasionally verge towards being very off-key, but I suppose that all becomes part of its charm.

Here’s your b-side, all 111 seconds of it:-

mp3: Razorcuts – Summer In Your Heart



  1. Some people are not ‘good’ singers – I’m a fan, in some cases a big fan, of artists/bands that don’t, as far as I am concerned, conform to the descriptor ‘ good singer’. I’ll not go through a list… suffice to I don’t regard say Calvin Johnson, Stephen Pastel or *gulp* Frank Tovey to fit within the tradition of ‘good’. However, what they all share with Tim (Razorcuts) is an ability to combine their voice with music and lyrics that somehow fits them rather perfectly – is that luck or art? I dunno.

    Sorry To Embarrass You is to my ears pop gold. I’ve never been one for music that is so musically ‘perfect’ that it’s only achievement is a note-perfect iceberg, cold and souless.

    I’m chuffed to see Razorcuts appear again and will now listen to both tracks as an early morning treat.

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