As usual, we will begin with a recap from last week.

The responses seemed to come in slower than usual, and by Wednesday it looked as if the total votes would be well down than on previous weeks.  I was thinking that some folk might have looked at what had already come in and decided that as at least three of the outcomes were foregone conclusions, there was no point in bothering.

Or maybe it’s a bit like many a live gig.  There’s excitement at the start of things and great anticipation for how it will all end, but there’s the stuff in the middle that doesn’t have your full attention.

Match 13 : Electronic 15 Ash 22

Match 14 : The Dream Syndicate 7 Cinerama 26

Match 15 : Cocteau Twins 34 Chris Isaak 3

Match 16: Echo and The Bunnymen 33 Fad Gadget 4

I’ve a feeling the next round for those that got through might bring closer results…….

The next four Sundays will see the return of those who came through from Groups E-H, with again the group winners up against a combo that finished 8th and so on…….

The Go-Betweens (1st in Group E) v It’s Immaterial (8th in Group F)

mp3: Go-Betweens – Don’t Let Him Come Back (new version) v mp3 : It’s Immaterial – How Can I Tell You? (album version)

Human League (4th in Group G) v The Twilight Sad (5th in Group H)

mp3: Human League – Mirror Man v mp3 : The Twilight Sad – I/m Not Here (missing face)

Sterelolab (2nd in Group F) v Neil Young (7th in Group G)

mp3: Stereolab – The Free Design v mp3: Neil Young – Too Far Gone

Bananarama (3rd in Group H) v Beastie Boys (6th in Group E)

mp3: Bananarama – I Heard A Rumour (Miami Remix) v mp3: Beastie Boys – Jimmy James

As ever, thanks for taking part.  Voting closes at midnight (UK time) next Friday, which is the 7th of October.



  1. Go-Betweens
    Human League
    Neil Young
    Beastie Boys

    Still no VAR……..Hoping this will be availabale in the next rounds!?


  2. Go-Betweens
    Human League
    Neil Young
    Bananarama – this tournament’s surprise package

  3. Fad Gadget lauded yet seems to miss out on applause. The story of his all too short life.

    I have no favourites this week. Bah!

  4. I appear to be one of those who missed last week’s matches, not for any of the reasons you cite, but more that I had a senior moment and told myself I’d already voted, but that was for the previous one. I wonder how many of your other readers are similarly afflicted.

    The results went pretty much my way though, except I’d have given Chris Isaak one more vote, not that that would have made any difference to the score.

    This week…

    Go-Betweens (similarly afflicted, I read that as Go-Gosvon first glance… need to wear my glasses when reading this on my phone)

    Human League
    Neil Young

  5. It’s been far more of a challenge this week with quite a few songs outside of my comfort zone. My votes are:

    The Go-Betweens
    Human League
    Neil Young
    Beastie Boys (not heard this before and loved it!!)

  6. The Go-Betweens
    Bananarama (constantly underestimated by the other team, they manage another 1-0 win)

  7. It’s Immaterial – How Can I Tell You?
    The Twilight Sad – I/m Not Here
    Neil Young – Too Far Gone
    Beastie Boys – Jimmy James


  8. This doesn’t get any easier does it?!

    It’s Immaterial – How Can I Tell You? (album version)
    Human League – Mirror Man
    Stereolab – The Free Design
    Beastie Boys – Jimmy James

    I’m gutted that I had to choose between It’s Immaterial and The Go-Betweens, as I love both songs. Mirror Man is not my favourite HL tune and The Twilight Sad very nearly snatched victory. Neil Young wasn’t on tip top form and Stereolab was never really in doubt. Bananarama again not a favourite track but the superior remix almost pulled them back in front, just not enough to beat Beastie Boys.

    At least I got to listen to all eight songs again several times at the weekend, so ultimately it’s a win-win for me.

  9. It’s Immaterial – How Can I Tell You?
    The Twilight Sad – I/m Not Here
    Neil Young – Too Far Gone
    Beastie Boys – Jimmy James

  10. Go-betweens and Twilight Sad are shoo-ins.
    Of the other matches, could have gone either way depending on tracks, but to be honest none of them really inspire so..
    17 – The Go-Betweens
    18 – The Twilght Sad
    19 draw
    20 draw

  11. Human League
    Neil Young
    Beastie Boys

    The Go-Betweens 8 : 8 It’s Immaterial
    Human League 7 : 6 The Twilight Sad
    Stereolab 6 : 7 Neil Young
    Bananarama -10 : 10 Beastie Boys

  12. Go-Betweens – despite it not being one of their finest efforts.
    Twilight Sad
    Neil Young
    Beastie Boys

  13. I think I didn’t vote last week, but think it was because nothing interested me… so leave it up to folks that had a dog in the fight.

    This week had some nail biters… hard to choose a couple… Especially the first two categories…

    It’s Immaterial (tough one, liked both songs)
    Human League (Twilight Sad sure had a great offering)
    Stereolab (but not a strong song IMHO)
    Naner (shortened way to say Banana in the South)

  14. Wow, I managed to pick two winners this go round! I am surprised Chris Isaak got such a thorough thrashing, it was really the better song, and should at least have been a much tighter contest. The same with Fad Gadget, though I didn’t go with them, it was a belter of a tune and that should have been a closer contest.

    On to this week;

    I believe JC said something early on how these track seven selections are often idiosyncratic choices, not necessarily top of the crop, but personal faves of the authors. This week’s choices certainly support that analysis. Not sure there’s even one here that I will move into rotation on the playlist. Had some of the losers in previous rounds had the luck of being here, instead, they wouldn’t be in the bin.

    The Go-Betweens v It’s Immaterial
    Not my fave Go-B’s song, matter of fact, think I’ve only heard it a few times from when I first got the CD. Still, it beats out the competition.

    The Go Betweens.

    Human League v The Twilight Sad
    Nice Motown beginning there for Human League, puts them ahead, Twilight Sad make a pretty good recovery. I take it back, here’s a couple will make the playlist.

    Twilight Sad

    Stereolab v Neil Young
    These two will at least make the playlist short term to see if they grow on me. For now we have two songs where I’m not that keen on either vocalist. Neil’s voice worked great on his last entry, not as much here. Stereolab’s vocalist just sort of gets lost in that nice tune. I guess the lovelorn theme of Neil’s wins me over.

    Neil Young

    Bananarama v Beastie Boys
    Two songs which pretty much sound like everything else the group puts out. Nothing new here.


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