As usual, we will begin with a look back to last week.

Three of the matches had close results, while the other, while having a more substantial outcome, wasn’t a massacre.  In saying that, three of the teams got out to decent leads and never got caught, but the Belle & Sebastian/McGeoch game swung back and forth until one of them pulled away as the final whistle beckoned.

Match 9 : Television 24 The Jazz Butcher 18

Match 10 : Belle & Sebastian 19 v John McGeoch 24

Match 11 : The Beatles 25 Queens of The Stone Age 14

Match 12: Buddy Holly 25 v Black Box Recorder 19

And so we reach the halfway point of the first round of knockout ties and includes the return of Echo and The Bunnymen whose group stage performance was the most impressive of them all, in terms of vote %.

Electronic (2nd in Group B) v Ash (7th in Group A)

mp3: Electronic – Vivid (radio edit) v mp3 : Ash – Shining Light

The Dream Syndicate (3rd in Group C) v Cinerama (6th in Group D)

mp3: The Dream Syndicate – Out Of My Head v mp3 : Cinerama – Ears

Cocteau Twins (4th in Group A) v Chris Isaak (5th in Group C)

mp3: Cocteau Twins – Iceblink Luck v mp3: Chris Isaak – Wrong To Love You

Echo and The Bunnymen (1st in Group D) v Fad Gadget (8th in Group B)

mp3: Echo and The Bunnymen – The Back Of Love v mp3: Fad Gadget – Life On The Line I

I’m gutted that my dream match-up of Out of My Head v Can’t Get You Out Of My Head never materialised.

As ever, thanks for taking part.  Voting closes at midnight (UK time) next Friday, which is the 30th of September



  1. Electronic

    Jazz butcher put up more of a fight than I thought they would . A tad surprised that B and S went out

  2. While Electronic would get my vote more often than not, there’s no doubt that Shining Light would beat 90% of anything else in the comptition. The other three ties were pretty simple for me:

    Cocteau Twins

  3. All right Nations League B be damned here are my picks
    1 Ash
    2 Cinerama (surprised myself with this choice tbh)
    3 Cocteaus
    4 simply cannot choose one over the other so a draw: so a Richard Osman special or a point each, whatever JC decides 🙂

  4. 1) Electronic – Vivid
    2) Cinerama – Ears
    3) Cocteau Twins – Iceblink Luck
    4) Echo & The Bunnymen – The Back Of Love

    A couple of tough calls – Fad Gadget especially – although the Cocteau Twins win was never in doubt.

  5. Tricky week.
    As @therobster71 says, Shining Light is so magnificent it wipes the floor with even Electronic. (Should Ash have kept their powder dry or have they steamrollered the opposition with their A-game too early?)
    Cinerama gain an easy win.
    I can’t really choose for match 15 so let those with strong views decide the tie.
    Match 16: This is tough. Normally, I’d expect FAd Gadget to win (easily) especially as they have brought out one of the big guns. But, rather like a good team getting through the group of death and feeling positive and then drawing Brazil in the second round, they come up against the behemoth of the Bunnymen. Mind you, it took the Bunnymen playing their strongest team to ensure victory by the tightest of margins.
    Match 13: Ash
    Match 14: Cinerama
    Match 15: draw
    Match 16: Echo and the Bunnymen

  6. Okay, so it’s par for the course so far, I again pegged only one winner, and sadly with the matchup I cared least about. Ah well. On to this week.

    Electronic v Ash. Arg, a tuff ‘un here. I’ve been going back and forth all week on this. I love the harmonica bits in Electronic, on the other hand the hooks in Ash have had me humming the song in moments of quiet. Either of these songs would have beat anything else up this week. I think in the short term I like Ash better, but that Electronic will have a longer life in the playlist. My vote here;

    The Dream Syndicate v Cinerama. Not hardly a choice here, I just found DS grating and irritating. Vote here;

    Cocteau Twins v Chris Isaak. Nothing exciting from Cocteau Twins, Chris Isaak turns in a solid performance. Gonna have to up his game if he wants to get farther, but it’s enough to take it here. My vote;
    Chris Isaak

    Echo and The Bunnymen v Fad Gadget. FD puts up a good fight, and almost take it, but in the end E and the B take it with better lyrical quality. Vote here;
    Echo and the Bunnymen

  7. Ash – Shining Light
    Cinerama – Ears
    Chris Isaak – Wrong To Love You
    Fad Gadget – Life On The Line I


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