The continuation of the knockout stages of the 2022 ICA World Cup. As explained last week, Round One is going to take eight weeks to complete, with these being the second set of ties.

Before revealing this week’s set of matches, it’s time to reveal what happened last week:

Match 1 : Iggy Pop v Vic Chestnutt

Iggy raced out to a very early lead and Vic never ever got going, picking up just the occasional vote throughout the week.  Iggy took the honours by a score of 38-7.

Match 2 : The Ramones v Stevie Wonder


It was 8-1 to Stevie, and then it was 11-9 to da brudders, after which they traded punch after punch for the rest of the week.  The final score was, unbelievably, 24-24.

The penalty shoot-out went to Stevie Wonder…..very cruel luck on The Ramones.

Match 3 : The Feelies v Ballboy

This one started off as a very even contest at 8-8 and a penalty shoot-out did seem a possibility.  It was a game in which twelve of the voters didn’t offer an opinion on one or the other, but it was Ballboy who had the stronger second half, to go through by a score of 23-15.

Match 4 : Blondie v Nirvana

On paper, a mouth-watering clash that could have gone either way.  It was the only game in which all 50 voters put up one name or another.  In the end, too many felt that Pennyroyal Tea wasn’t as good or worthy a song as Rapture.  A fairly easy 37-13 win for Blondie.

I should mention that, way back when I was planning all of this, I made the draw for the entirety of the competition based on the outcome of the groups, not knowing who would finish where, but the idea was group winners would face up to a team that came 8th in another group, with 2nd v 7th, 3rd v 6th and 4th v 5th……….kind of the luck of the draw but based on performance in the group stage.

A reminder also that, for this round, the tune being offered up for consideration will be the second song on side two of the ICA; if the ICA wasn’t spilt in half at the time of writing, it will be song 7 in a ten-track ICA, or song 8 in a twelve-track ICA, etc.

Here goes:-

Edwyn Collins (3rd in Group D) v Uncle Tupelo (6th in Group C)

mp3: Edwyn Collins – Make Me Feel Again v mp3 : Uncle Tupelo – Whiskey Bottle

Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music (2nd in Group A) v Hot Chip (7th in Group B)

mp3: Bryan Ferry – The ‘In’ Crowd v mp3 : Hot Chip – Brothers

Chuck Prophet (4th in Group C) v The Jam (5th in Group A)

mp3: Chuck Prophet – Your Skin v mp3: The Jam – Ghosts

Joy Division (1st in Group B) v Pop Will Eat Itself (8th in Group D)

mp3: Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart v mp3: Pop Will Eat Itself – Not Now James, We’re Busy

On hearing this particular match-up, the groans from the PWEI fanbase were, understandably, loud.  But hey, it’s knockout rounds and anything is possible.

As ever, thanks for taking part.  Voting closes at midnight (UK time) next Friday, which is the 16th of September.



  1. Uncle Tupelo (sorry Edwin but you will still win comfortably)
    Bryan Ferry
    Chuck Prophet
    Joy Division

  2. I’m a Postcard era OJ devotee but Edwyn’s solo stuff can’t compete with the mighty Jay Farrar so Uncle Tupelo for the win. Can I argue that votes for “Edwin” should be ruled out on a VAR technicality? No?

    Not Ferry’s best track but strange and wild enough to see off the Hot Chip irritants.

    Jam and Joy Division to enjoy an easy coast through to the next stage.

  3. Clearly Joy Division are the Manchester City of the tournament, and with Love Will GTear us apart, they are fielding a full-strength team. Poor Poppies, never stood a chance:

    Bryan Ferry
    Joy Division

  4. Edwyn- just, last minute winner, scruffy goal but saw him through.
    Hot Chip- Bryan Ferry soundly beaten, approached the game too foppishly and Hot Chip gave him a lesson in a strong back 3 and 2 roving forwards with a false 9 who caused him no end of trouble
    The Jam- easy win for Saturday’s kids.
    Joy Division- never in doubt. 4 nil, hat trick for Curtis and Hooky with a powerful header at the far post. The Poppies were picking the ball out of the back of their net after 10 seconds, their massive shorts hampering their play. Cicciolina might have made a difference- but I doubt it.

    But in reply to Robster, JD are not and never will be Manchester City (despite Rob Gretton’s proclivities). JD are United through and through- 2 lads from Salford, got to be reds.

  5. A far more straightforward selection for me this week:

    Edwyn Collins
    Brian Ferry
    The Jam
    Joy Division

  6. OK… a couple of tough ones this week…

    Edwyn (I’m not saying I was swayed by the fact that it’s your blog, but…)
    Chuck (I know he won’t win, but I’d like him to have more than a couple of votes, and it wasn’t the strongest effort from Mr. W)
    Joy Division

  7. You all are SO unlucky that CharityChic is the center ref and BlueBetty44 and I the assistants – so many of you really need to learn the offside rule – and we stuffed the fourth official in a janitors closet, so the winners are:

    Uncle Tupelo
    Bryan Ferry
    Chuck Prophet
    Joy Division

  8. Edwyn Collins
    Bryan Ferry (if it had been the Caribou remix of Hot Chip, could have gone the other way, but…)
    The Jam
    Joy Division (sorry, PWEI!)

  9. Edwyn Collins
    Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music
    Chuck Prophet (…I think the hardest choice for me this on v The Jam!)
    Joy Division


  10. Hard to believe that The Ramones didn’t just run away with it with that belter of a cover…Ah, well… on to this week’s choices.

    Edwyn Collins v Uncle Tupelo
    Good entry by Uncle Tupelo, tough break to be up against one of Edwyn’s best.
    Edwyn for the win.

    Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music v Hot Chip
    Yeah, I’ve always been in with the “out-crowd” and out with the “in-crowd.” And “Brothers” is pretty infectious, though I can only wish I had brothers like this.
    Hot Chip for the win.

    Chuck Prophet v The Jam
    Close match here. Chuck’s entry intrigues, The Jam’s is pretty good, but that opening chord just sounds so familiar, and it’s pissing me off I can’t place where he nicked it from.
    Chuck Prophet for the win.

    Joy Division v Pop Will Eat Itself
    Two great songs here, but I’m no longer a twenty something getting my heart broke every other week. While a song about James Brown is pretty much timeless.
    Pop Will Eat Itself for the win.

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