2022 has been a really decent year for new music, so much so that I’m having real difficulty picking out a favourite above all others….and with some absolute belters scheduled to come out over the remaining months, such a task will become an impossibility.

It’s not helped by the fact that one of my favourite releases from 2021, Catastrophe Hits, the latest album from Broken Chanter, also qualifies for consideration in 2022, all as a result of the vinyl version only becoming available back in January, a full four months after the CD.

My previous piece reviewing the album needs updated to say that it has proven to be a record that gets better and better with each listen.

David MacGregor should be a bona-fide pop star, topping the bills on outdoor festivals, or at the very least, selling out stadia in his home city during the summer months.

There’s something really unfair about the world when Gerry Cinnamon can play Hampden Park for successive nights (attracting The Charlatans and Travis as his main support acts), and Broken Chanter bring the latest tour to a close at a small venue in a New Town some 15 miles outside the city.

It was just last Friday that I found myself at the Cumbernauld Theatre watching another outstanding live show, with one absolute gem of a song following on from the next, interspersed with chat and anecdotes from a very fine and charismatic frontman.  I came away thinking it would have been the perfect night out for the festival crowd, but sadly they all seem far too pre-occupied with lesser talents whose profiles appear in all sorts of places, thanks to well-oiled and well-resourced PR machines.

The show, and thus the tour, ended with what has now become my own favourite from the album, and saw me break out into a bit of a dance:-

mp3: Broken Chanter – Allow Yourself

I really can’t recommend Catastrophe Hits highly enough.  You can get a taster for everything by heading over to the bandcamp page.

Where, incidentally, you can find the answer to a question I’m posing today which, if you leave behind correctly in the comments, will entitle you to be entered into a draw for a vinyl or CD copy of the album, signed by David.

“Which two record labels jointly issued Catastrophe Hits?’

Closing date for entries is 11.59pm (UK time) on Tuesday 9 August.  I’m sorry to say that the costs of shipping the vinyl to anyone overseas means I have to restrict the competition to UK residents only.

I’m so very very very sorry…..blame Brexit.

PS : The winner of the ticket for the Glas-Goes Pop festival this coming weekend was Sarah.  Thanks to flimflamfan for providing that particular prize.



  1. First and foremost… I blame the swiveled-eyed loons that voted for Brexit for so much – not least that 20% customs and tax charge plus £12 processing fee.

    Be thankful the festival crowd have not descended for they would anihilate the experience you just enjoyed.

  2. Hi. The album is on the Last Night from Glasgow and Olive Grove records.
    CD please (if I’m chosen!)

  3. I won’t enter the comp as I already have my own vinyl copy of the album.

    I was fortunate enough to see Broken Chanter play a tiny venue near to my home earlier this year, The Oast in Rainham, Gillingham, Kent.

    David and the gang were playing alongside Mammoth Penguins and I have to say that this was one of those gigs that I would go back to if I owned a time machine.

    What a great band, what a great album and I agree with everything you say in your piece above. Broken Chanter are a band that deserve the world and more!

  4. Very generous of you, JC! I’m not entering the competition and didn’t last time either as your lovingly crafted and enthusiastic review of Catastrophe Hits was enough to get me over to Broken Chanter’s Bandcamp page and pre-order the CD. It was well worth the wait and I’ve returned to the album frequently since.

    Sadly, Broken Chanter hasn’t yet made it to the West of England yet but I would love to see them live on stage.

    I’ve no idea who Gerry Cinnamon is. I do not feel a strong urge to find out.

  5. Generous competition, answer is Last Night From Glasgow and Olive Grove Records. If I am lucky enough to win then can I have CD version as I have just found out how much a new Nagaoka cartridge is going to cost if I want to resurrect my turntable.

  6. Thanks for the competition! Sounds like a record I might enjoy (on vinyl if I happen to win, please), having been released on both Olive Grove Records and Last Night From Glasgow.

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