From last fm, and last edited in March 2006 by a member of the band:-

Spacehopper were a four piece band started in Glasgow in 1990.

Dave Spacehopper – guitar/vocals.
Sarah Spacehopper – guitar
Dave Bass – Bass
Bryn(me) – Drums

Punk rock art noise terror.

We were looking to scare as well as entertain.

We were into all sorts KLF, Dead Kennedys, Young Gods – you get the idea.

Released a couple of singles through Creeping Bent records based in Glasgow. Milk metal (creepingbent 001) and a joint single with the Secret Goldfish – Mars Bonding/Venus Bonding.

The singer David then moved to Denmark and that was that.

I’ve a copy of said joint single, and so here’s one half of it.

mp3: Spacehopper – Mars Bonding

I had no idea that Spacehopper had been responsible for the first record issued by Creeping Bent back in 1995.  Turns out it was a four-track EP released on 10″ vinyl.   I’ve also been able to find out, that the real names of the band members were David Aitcheson, Sarah Headman, David Fitzpatrick and Bryn Thorburn.



  1. Stunning. Just stunning. One of the most over-looked bands to have formed in Glasgow. In a live setting they certainly did entertain but I was never scared – just in awe. They were just lovely people who sometimes fell into the 13th Note scene. Seeing them about – a lot, as well as live – I decided to ask a question and so…. I, with others, interviewed the band back in the day for our fanzine. I can confirm that as well as superb musicians they were also extremely funny.

    I have that 10″ ep.

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