So….in case you missed it last week…..this short series features music from the compilation albums that were issued on an annual basis from 2012 to 2019 to commemorate the staging of the Indietracks festival, with the idea being that each post will have a tune by a singer or band never feature previously on TVV.

The 2016 compilation contains 41 songs, with, as far as I can tell, only two of the acts having previously featured – Emma Pollock, and Spook School.

Loads of choice, to the extent that I’ll likely return to this particular compilation again in the future. For now, here’s something I think many of you will like:-

mp3: Expert Alterations – Such A Stupid Fool

A fine little number which comes in at ten seconds under two minutes, during which it ticks plenty of indie-pop/twee boxes.

Expert Alterations are from Baltimore. The trio of Patrick Teal (guitar/vocals), Alan Everhart (bass) and Paul Krolian (drums) first got together in 2013, citing the c86 movement as a real inspiration.  Their initial release was a self-released five-song cassette EP in 2014, which the following year was issued on vinyl by Slumberland.

At the same time, the band signed to the Brooklyn-based Kanine Records for whom the debut album, You Can’t Always Be Liked, was recorded in 2015 and released later the same year.  Such A Stupid Fool, the song included on Indietracks 2016, is from the debut album.

Whether the band are still together or not, I can’t say, but there’s been no new music from them over the past seven years.



  1. I’ve never heard of the band, or song, but pleased to be acquainted.

    A wonderful slice of post punk meets C86 that is determined not to hang about.

    My box (if you’ll pardon the expression) is ticked.

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