Second week running that a band which is part of the Last Night From Glasgow roster makes its debut on the blog via this ridiculously long-running series.

Slow Weather consists of Chris McCrory and Annie Booth.Chris McCrory is something of a mainstay of the Glasgow music scene, as a producer and composer but probably best as the frontman of Catholic Action,  a band whose sound has been described as being deeply indebted to classic rockers like Status Quo, The Cars and T. Rex, with two albums  to date, In Memory Of….(2017) and Celebrated By Strangers (2020) being issued by the Liverpool-based Modern Sky UK label.

Annie Booth, is described on Bandcamp as a modern folk singer, performer and songwriter, with a flair for the nostalgic and the melancholy.  She has been a member of Mt. Doubt (another act on LNFG) since 2015, while forging a solo career through two albums, An Unforgiving Light (2015) and the just-released Lazybod, along with the Spectral EP (2019).

Spectral was the first time that Chris McCrory had produced music by Annie Booth and the two of them enjoyed things so much that they started writing songs together, all of which led to them deciding to form Slow Weather whose debut, and thus far, sole EP, Clean Living, was released in November 2020.

The sound is a long way from Catholic Action’s rock roots and while perhaps it is closer to what you would find on Annie Booth’s solo material, there’s certainly enough going on across its five tracks to make it worth listening to a few times over.   This was the lead-off digital single:-

mp3: Slow Weather – Great White Male

If you like what you’re hearing today, you can listen to more at Souncloud via this link, and then you could think about putting in an order via LNFG…..but your own close-by independent record shop should be able to help out


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