Play LOUD.

But preferably not as loud as I did when converting the vinyl to mp3, as I didn’t hear the delivery driver ring the doorbell/knock on the door meaning that a short time afterwards, I found a card on the doormat asking me to make rearrangements for the parcel as ‘there was no one at home’ to which had been added, in biro, ‘I tried four times to get your attention but your music was very loud’.

Oh, and fair play to the driver for not simply leaving it on the doorstep as the rain was falling heavily, otherwise the sleeve of my copy of the new Bodega album would likely have been turned to mush.

mp3: The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl

I know there’s some of you out there who don’t really like to dance to such block rockin’ beats, but I’d kindly ask that you make an exception in this instance.

The single went to #3 in June 1999.   I would find it hard to accept that it is coming up for its twenty-third birthday, if it wasn’t for the fact that the vinyl has been ripped from the Surrender 20th Anniversary box set that I picked up a couple of years back.  I’ll likely post something else from that artefact in the next couple of weeks.



  1. Great tune and story, JC, and pleased to read that no harm was caused to the new Bodega album in the making of this blogpost.

    Two other reasons why I love Hey Boy Hey Girl:
    1) The synth line reminds me of the theme from Knight Rider
    2) On my first listen, I misheard the sample “Superstar DJs” as “Slipshod DJs” and it’s stuck ever since.

  2. I admire your Postie – a great deal. Gentle admonishment but determined.

    I own only CDs by Chemical Brothers one single, I think (too lazy to get up and look) and a ‘hits’ compilation. Hey Boy, Hey Girl is a favourite among many great songs.

  3. Glad you like Bodega – I think they are great – and are a very good live band too…

  4. Respect for pumping up the volume. Quite proud that my teenage daughter regularly tells me to turn the music down as it’s ‘really loud’.

  5. Hey Boy is a savage piece of dance music, an awesome one I’d say. And requires ‘high volume, preferably in a residential area’ for true appreciation. So top work fella !!! Thanks for the share. It’s another great example of the duo utilising samples from old school 80s Hip-Hop in their mid-90s productions. I wrote a little bit about them a couple of years back……

    You can hear the original sample of Hey Boy Hey Girl on here…

  6. man, I remember the purists HATING this track when it came out. at least that’s how it felt on the “techno” mailing lists I was on at 13 years old

    I always kind of loved it – it felt to me like they were trying to do their own version of “Cotton Eyed Joe”, which was super cool

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