Isaac’s funeral is taking place today.

I’m catching an early train out of Glasgow so that I can head down to pay respect on behalf of everyone who is part of the TVV community.

I’ve thought long and hard about a song and haven’t found it easy.  I know that Adam, Lou and Eliza want today to be a celebration of a remarkable life, and it wouldn’t be right to put something sad and teary on here.  Or try to be philosophical.

So, what I’m doing is going back to a posting on the old blog, back on 10 April 2011, when Ctel, from Acid Ted, took over this place for about a month while I was coming to terms with the death of my best friend, hard on the heels of my young brother a short time previously.

Ctel had asked readers if they would like to offer some words on the subjects of ‘sadness’ or ‘happiness’, with an appropriate song.  The response was truly overwhelming, and this is what Adam provided:-.

There are a ton of songs that help me get through bad times, and plenty that echo melancholy and the small hours when it all seems dark. But this is The Ramones. Da Brudders’ 1978 song We’re A Happy Family is full of squalor and urban misery – ‘sitting here in Queens, eating refried beans, we ain’t got no friends, our troubles never end, no Christmas Cards to send, Daddy likes men, Daddy’s likes men, Daddy’s telling lies, baby’s eating flies, Mommy’s on pills, baby’s got the chills, selling daddy’s dope’ etc – but there’s something about it that never fails to cheer me up. Thanks Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny and Tommy.

mp3: The Ramones – We’re A Happy Family

Isaac provided so many incredible times, and there is no doubt that he will stir countless happy memories going forward.


11 thoughts on “TODAY

  1. We are a family. Maybe not always so happy, but together through the good and bad times. Thanks, JC, for putting up the house, and to everyone that comes to visit. We’re with you, Adam.

  2. As everyone else has said, my love and thoughts are with Adam and his family.
    And your chosen song is just about right. Cx

  3. A lovely and fitting tribute to Isaac, Adam and the family. Like everyone
    here, wishing them the very best.

  4. I want to thank you all and not least JC who was there in person. I’d love to have spent more to time with you Jim, but it was all a bit of a blur. Love and thanks to you all.

  5. Adam……you spent plenty time with me! And besides, it was lovely to get to meet so many of your family and old friends, all of whom were warm and loving…so much chat about Isaac and many other things, not least music.

    It was an honour to be there. Your tribute was very moving but filled with so much humour thanks to the anecdotes from a life well lived. Yes, there was sadness, but the service, burial and wake was a rightful celebration of Isaac and everything he packed into his 23 years. And unsurprisingly, the choice of music was perfect.

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