Supergrass haven’t appeared on the blog all that often. Indeed, other than some mentions when they’ve cropped up as one of a number of different bands in a single post, their only real mention came back in September 2017 when they were #142 in the ICA series.

It was an ICA put together by yours truly, and it was one that leaned heavily on their singles.  The comments were largely favourable, but 50%* of those who took the time to say something made the suggestion that a place should have been found for Sun Hits The Sky.

I’m with everyone who said it was a great piece of music, and if the ICA had been extended to 12 songs, then it’s very likely it would have been accommodated.  I remember at the time thinking that I would have to rectify things by looking at it as a stand-alone blog post, but I then forgot about it until very recently.

mp3: Supergrass – Sun Hits The Sky

Sun Hits The Sky was the third single to be lifted from In It For The Money, the band’s second album recorded in late 1996 and released the following April.  It reached #10, and while that was slightly beneath the chart achievements of Going Out and Richard III, it was a more than decent performance given that the b-sides on the various formats consisted entirely of remixes or live radio versions of other Supergrass songs, along with a cover version originally released on a tribute album the previous year:-

mp3: Supergrass – Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

It was the closing track on The Smiths Is Dead, compiled by the French cultural magazine Les Inrockuptibles and released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Queen Is Dead.

It’s quite a different take on the original, being far rockier, although I do like how the bass notes are at the heart of their version.


*ok, it was only four out eight.  But that’s still 50%……..


  1. Love Supergrass. So glad they have reconvened to play live again. When on form a great live band…and the album this comes off is the best one of theirs too!

  2. Gave a listen and then reread the comments on the Supergrass ICA (#142). Sticking by my own: ‘Rush Hour Soul’ was the song that should have been in the top 10.

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