This is just a wee different.  Kind of.  OK.  It’s not really as, just like every Monday, it features music ripped from vinyl at 320kpbs. You could say that I’m back with the heavyweight jam.

Stadium House (The Trilogy) was a VHS video released in 1991 that is just under 30 minutes in length.   The main film purports to be live footage of The KLF performing their three chart hits at Woodstock, Europa while the supporting feature is called ‘This Is Not What The KLF Is About’, a behind the scenes look at the main film.

It is, of course, nothing of the sort, although the main film has been pieced together does make it seem as if the singers, musicians and dancers are performing on a stage within some sort of post-apocalyptic setting, interspersed with footage of a police car and a fast moving passenger train, and is just the splicing of the three promo videos.

Here’s all three singles, in the order in which they entered the charts, all ripped from 7″ vinyl:-

mp3 : The KLF – What Time Is Love? (live at Transcentral)
mp3 : The KLF – 3 A.M. Eternal (live at the S.S.L.)
mp3 : The KLF – Last Train To Transcentral (live from The Lost Continent)

What Time Is Love? reached #5 in September 1990.
3 A.M. Eternal spent two weeks at #1 in February 1991.
Last Train To Transcentral peaked at #2 in May 1991, kept off the top by Cher and The Shoop Shoop Song.

More than thirty years ago?  Well, that’ll hopefully excuse the occasional pop or crackle. Kind of similar to the sounds my bones and joints make when I try to move to the tunes.



  1. Dance Music in 90/91 is responsible for a lot of listener whiplash. Think back 30 years at just how many genres and sub-genres House had spawned in just approximately years. Stadium House is exactly what this is. It is Big Music, with a beat and vocals that need room to breath.

  2. It should be startlingly obvious that the action within the video is set on a model stage. Jimmy C and his late brother Simon constructed the entire massive scale model of Sample City, the Woodstock Europa stage alongside the huge train set from scratch. The actual staged ‘performances’ featuring Bill & Jimmy with electric sitars, angle grinders, exploding speakers, Wanda D, Ricardo Da Force and Duy Khiem were then inserted into the model footage. Chunks of the original Westminster Bridge 3 am Eternal video were then cut with the action (pity to waste it).

    “Live at Woodstock, Europa” is/ was/ shall forever be the setting for a fictitious concert in Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shae’s “Illuminatus!” trilogy of books, the mythology from whence the JAMMS (and the KLF) were spawned. In the books the European “Woodstock” festival is held at Ingolstadt, Bavaria (place of origin of the real historical Illuminati under Johann Adam Weishaupt). So it goes.

    Jimmy has continued the massive scale model building. Did you get to visit his “MdZ Estate” when it was containered up to Pilton in Edinburgh and then Easterhouse in Glasgow over the Summer? Incredible. Check out his Municipal Diasaster Zone – a kind of Town Planning Apocalypse.

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