From the C88 boxset, issued by Cherry Red Records in 2017-

This Glasgow five-piece could be described as the archetypal mid-80s indie combo, blending pure pop with combustible and wittily-observed lyrics (courtesy Andrew Smith) that drew comparisons with such doyens as The Close Lobsters, The June Brides (minus the brass), The Smiths and even Billy Bragg. Sadly, they left behind a tiny musical legacy.  The cool, irreverent ‘Hey Hey Hate’ graced a Sha La La flexi in 1987 and various tracks troubled compilations such as ‘Airspace!’, ‘Corrupt Postman (‘Clearly Blurred’) and A Lighthouse In The Desert (‘Cold Inside’) before the more laconic ‘Apple In My Eye’ appeared on a Bi-Joopiter cassette comp, What Feet.  A four-track EP, ‘Train Journeys’, finally surfaced in 2001.

And that is my only link into Remember Fun.  This was the track contained in the C88 boxset:-

mp3: Remember Fun – Apple Of My Eye

But there’s been a 2021 postscript.

Firestation Records, the Berlin-based label and record shop, turned its attentions to Remember Fun and earlier this year issued Contentment, a 14 track vinyl compilation (18 tracks are on the CD), of everything they could get their hands on.  The pic accompanying this post is the cover of Contentment.  I haven’t rushed out to pick up a copy as, to be honest, I’m not all that sold on Apple In My Eye. But there’s a couple other songs I’ve heard in recent times which I have liked, albeit it’s easy to date them as being from the mid 80s, and while they aren’t life-changing, the album would fit in quite nicely with a fair bit of the vinyl here in Villain Towers, albeit storage space is increasingly becoming a premium.


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