Those of you who were paying attention last week will be aware this post is now running seven eight days late (it was bumped 24 hours to accommodate the Goon Sax review from yesterday).

The weather, here in Glasgow, was very warm and sunny in the final couple of weeks in the month of June.  As such, I became disinclined to sit indoors at the keyboard churning out lengthy and analytical pieces with which to bore you rigid.  The remainder of this week will reflect that.

I picked up this single on Discogs a short time ago.  It was one of a big bundle of 7″ singles bought in bulk to save a wee bit on postage.  I’ve never hidden my pop sensibilities at any point in time, and this #3 hit from 1984 has long been a favourite:-

mp3: Bananarama – Robert De Niro’s Waiting

As catchy as anything I have in the collection.  But it’s not quite as good as Shy Boy……as recalled around this time last year.

The fact that I now finally own a copy of the single allowed me to discover a really decent b-side:-

mp3: Bananarama – Push!

Feel free to mock.  But if you do so, you’re wrong.



  1. Love the Bananas, I have all their early singles (apart from Aie a Mwana). Originally via their 2-Tone connections when I had to snap up every 7” release, but then just the pure joy of their songs.

  2. Would never mock anything from the first two Bananarama albums! Though the first one has most of the magic. They grew up and got “professional” on album #2, but I still bought all of the singles. Shame about album #3. Once they danced with The Devil it was over for me.

  3. Saw this song just a couple of days ago on a 1980s
    lookback show. It claimed that Al Pacino was the
    original waiter and talker of Italian, but De Niro
    won the day because his name scanned better.
    Lovely pop.

  4. As others have said, nothing wrong with any of the singles from the first couple of albums. Don’t hear them that often, but always sing along to them when they do pop up.

  5. Not sure which is more surprising – Bananarama or the weather in Glasgow being warm and sunny- Their best single without a doubt

  6. Okay, so I’m wrong, but that’s assembly line non-music synthed up in 10 minutes so the front models could appear in music videos and shift units.

  7. The first 2 albums were really great, I think postpunkmonk summed it up correctly. Still love the Cruel Summer single, especially in a heatwave like the currently ongoing :).

  8. Great song. I went to the same secondary school in Bristol as Keren and Sarah (albeit they left about 5 years before I started) and there was a real sense of “locals done good” when they had chart success. I agree completely about the SAW years, but I will admit to a renewed interest in the early 90s when Youth, Heller & Farley & Thrash got their remixing mitts on them.

  9. Have to agree here, Robert De Niro’s Waiting is one of the best moments from the ‘Nana’s career. They were a legit pop outfit when they first came out and then saw the lure of devil that was Pete Waterman.

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