Only kidding!!!!!

The series did come to a halt last Sunday, but as The Robster promised, anybody needing their weekly fix of R.E.M. will be looked after over at his place, Is This The Life?

Click here to be magically transported.

This here blog you’re currently visiting will have a new Sunday series kicking off next week, one which it is hoped will provide just as much joy as provided by R.E.M. and fingers are crossed that there will also be a similar amount of interaction via the comments section.  It’s also going to be a series in which guest contributions will be made very welcome.

For now, I’ll just leave you with a cover:-

mp3: Editors – Orange Crush

After an unusual and quiet intro, it’s a fairly faithful interpretation.  Trust me, it’s worth a few minutes of your time.



4 thoughts on “THE SINGULAR ADVENTURES OF R.E.M. (Part 58)

  1. You nearly had there! Great coda to an excellent series. Looking forward to what’s ahead, both here and on The Robster’s blog.

  2. It’s a cracking cover this, to be fair. As a response, R.E.M. covered ‘Munich’, which may or may not feature over at my place at some point.

  3. You nearly had “me” there…darn typos! I like the Editors’ cover of R.E.M. Much has been previously said about Fatima Mansions’ excellent and unique “version” of Shiny Happy People but on the matter of more faithful interpretations, I also have a love of Sitting Still by Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs.

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