This week, I’ll let you, dear readers, fill in the gaps.

“Glasgow. Early 80s. Bobby Gillespie. Jim Beattie. Robert ‘Throb’ Young. Creation Records. C86. Andrew Innes. Elevation Records, Sonic Power Groove. Flop. Creation Records. Flop.  Martin Duffy. Late 80s. Acid House. Andrew Weatherall. Remixing, Sampling. Denise Johnson. Loaded. Screamadelica. Mercury Music Prize. Blues Rock. Give Out But Don’t Give Up. Mani from the Roses. Vanishing Point.  XTRMNTR. Collaborations. Festival Favourites. Turn of the Century.  Etc. Etc. Etc.  Bobby’s got a book coming out soon……”

mp3: Primal Scream – Velocity Girl

A tune that has to be fitted into the above narrative just before or after ‘C86’

Nobody has yet penned an ICA for Primal Scream.  Just sayin’…..



  1. Early Primal Scream is just fantastic – including the stunning Velocity Girl. I stayed with the band until the cock-rock schtick of the 2nd LP. My last purchase was the rarely played Loaded remix. They shone bright for a short while … others, no doubt, may disagree.

  2. I started a Primal Scream ICA but never completed it. It ended being in 2 parts, a Weatherall 10 song set and then a non- Weatherall one. At that point I thought I was repeating myself a little and left it.

    I love Velocity Girl and liked the 2nd album, saw them play a tiny basement in Liverpool to promote Ivy Ivy Ivy- then Loaded and Come Together fully chimed with the times, made the times in some ways.

  3. I’ve an ex relationship ship with PS. I still love the early jingle jangle indie stuff. But wasn’t keen on their second LP. Even now I realise that Screamadelica is bang average only saved by a couple of excellent tracks. The rest of their output is awful (again saved by a few great singles). A band that has a whole lot more style than substance.

  4. @bagginarea. Sorry I have to respectfully disagree. Slip Inside this House, Don’t Fight it Feel it, Come Together (album version (why did they feel to include this god awful remix when the original single version is so much better?)) Loaded, Inner Flight and the second version of Higher than the Sun have not aged well. Again this is only my opinion.

  5. As I said Paul, we’ll have to agree to disagree. There are days when I think the Weatherall mix of Come Together is the finest 10 minutes of music made in the 20th century. To my ears DFIFI still sounds like a dance floor filler and I love Slip Inside This House, techno meets guitars.

  6. I think putting the remix of Come Together on there was the right thing to do although I did really enjoy the original when it came out. There was over a year between the single and album release, the music (and their music) was changing too fast at the time. By the time the album came out the original single had dated so much it could have easily fitted on a baggy-era Soup Dragons single

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