From The Guardian newspaper of 18 May 2007:-

If you’re wondering whatever happened to the lovelorn pop teens of the 1960s, then wonder no more. It turns out they’ve been recast as a swooning rock’n’roll five-piece from Yorkshire.

Updating the drama-infused trials and tribulations of the likes of the Shangri-Las by stacking their tunes high with unrelenting guitar riffage, shouted blokey harmonies and a barricade of sound that never slips below 11, the Pigeon Detectives look set to follow the Kaiser Chiefs and the Arctic Monkeys to indie domination.

The album’s 12 songs are all based around being unlucky in love, with I Found Out’s tale of finding out the girl you like is going out with someone else, Take Her Back about a failed age-difference romance and Caught in Your Trap, with its shimmering Elvis Costello-type sheen, telling the story of obsessive crushes. Like the problem page of a male version of Just Seventeen set to music, and all the better for it.

That sounds really promising… check it out….

mp3: The Pigeon Detectives – I Found Out
mp3: The Pigeon Detectives – Take Her Back
mp3: The Pigeon Detectives – Caught In Your Trap

Oh, and what about the one that gave them a #12 hit in the UK singles chart in June 20007

mp3: The Pigeon Detectives – I’m Not Sorry

Nearly 250,000 copies of the debut album were sold; thankfully, a fair number were of the digital variety and so the impact on the landfill quarry isn’t quite as awful as it would otherwise be.

For what it’s worth, the band are still on the go today, five albums in, the most recent of which was in 2017, while a UK tour planned for last year was, like all others, postponed as a result of the pandemic.



  1. I quite liked the Pigeon Detectives, saw them three or four times in the space of 12 months or so, in The Wah Wah Hut, ABC2 and Oran Mor. Nothing ground breaking, slightly sexist but an entertaining band to watch who gave 100%

  2. Definitely landfill. The mid-2000s were not a great period for guitar music, hence why bands like the Pigeon Detectives did quite well at the time. I also quite liked their first album, but that says more about what else was on offer rather then giving insight into my music taste. I guess I lower your standards when standards are generally low…

  3. Sound like Snow Patrol’s little brothers snuck into the band room. As per the Robster–not the best time for guitar rock.

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