I’m typing this up before seeing any reaction to Issue 1, so I’m not sure if this will be the second and final part of the series or if in fact there is a wish from readers to see it continue, hopefully with a few guest contributions.

I own a vinyl copy of this week’s song:-

mp3: The Maccabees – About Your Dress

I’m not actually sure as to why I bought it back in 2007 other than the fact that I had maybe six months or so previously acquired my first USB turntable with the intention of converting loads of old vinyl into mp3s, and in the process, started up The Vinyl Villain in September 2006.  Thinking back, and looking at the overall vinyl collection, it was a period when I would pick up 7″ singles on spec when browsing in any of the independent shops, partly as I was wondering if I happened to pick something up by a then unknown or minor band who went on to be massive, then I might have something that would later become ‘valuable’ in my hands – as an aside, this has actually happened with the likes of the early Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad singles, (not that these were bought on spec!!).

About Your Dress is, sadly, indie-pop by numbers. It was a relatively minor hit, reaching #33, but this would actually prove to be The Maccabees biggest selling 45 in a career which spanned 2005-2015, during which all four of their albums went at least silver, (with a gold disc for 2012’s Given To The Wind).

I should mention that the single is on yellow vinyl – it was also available on blue vinyl with a slightly different sleeve and a different b-side recorded in the studio   Mine’s has this live version of their previous single

mp3: The Maccabees – First Love (live at University of London Union, 5 December 2006)

Oh, and by the way, I knew nothing of this lot before putting this piece together.  Turns out, they have the poshest collection of names I have ever seen in one group:-

Orlando Weeks – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Hugo White – guitars, backing vocals
Felix White – guitars, piano, backing vocals
Rupert Shepherd – bass
Robert Dylan Thomas – drums

Finally, I paid £3 for the single. A mint copy of it goes for £6 these days on Discogs.  Not bad for something that I’d say is very much landfill indie……..



  1. Oh I don’t have this lot down as indie landfill at all and I think they got better with each release . They kind of reminded me a bit of stutter era James ( not so much on this one) . Orlando Week’s solo lp is also worth a listen.

  2. Bought one of their CDs in a charity shop for £1 a few years ago. Listened a few times. Currently in a bag in the spare room waiting for Oxfam to reopen. Charity Shop Indie=Landfill Indie!

  3. If a band had guitars, skinny jeans, a mop of hair, and were called The chance are they were Landfill Indie.
    Apart from Snow Patrol – pretty goof debut album and the second ain’t too bad. Just they will never shake the millstone of Chasing Cars.

    (I’ve got a slowly forming contribution for The Vaccines in my head)

  4. Indie Top Table for me, each album retained just enough of what made you like them in the first place but showing more ambition and scope. Check the progression from About Your Dress to No Kind Words to Pelican to Spit It Out. Sadly bowed out after 4 albums with two sold out shows at Ally Pally. Certainly not one minute wonders.

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