So…..I knew that The Poems were a Scottish act, as they were one of those included on 3 x home-made CDs posted to me a few years back by long-time reader, Phil Hogarth.

It was a cover version and I quite liked it.  But I never seemed to come across any of their material in any shops and The Poems went out of my mind, until the other day when I realised it was about to be their turn in this long-running series, albeit I could only offer up the one song of theirs on the hard drive.

Here’s the very brief bio from all music:-

Influenced by literature as much as the best in Scottish pop, Glasgow’s the Poems feature former members of classic Scottish bands. Robert Hodgens (the Bluebells), Adrian Barry (the High Fidelity), and Bobby Paterson (Love and Money) were joined by vocalists Kerry Polwart and Amy Ogletree. The quintet signed on with Minty Fresh in the U.S. and released Young America in September 2006. The record includes contributions from members of Belle & Sebastian, Teenage Fanclub, Del Amitri, and the Proclaimers.


How did I miss that?????

Turns out that the album, while released in the US in September 2006, didn’t get a release in the UK until the summer of 2008, and yet I can’t recall ever reading anything about it at the time.  Nor is there much available on-line, which makes me think it was all a bit low-key….but then again, it might just be one of those times when I’ve missed out through ignorance.

And here’s the other thing, the track Phil included on the CDs isn’t to be found on the album, which I think might be all that The Poems ever officially released.

mp3: The Poems – 10.15 Saturday Night

Oh, and as I couldn’t find any promotional images of the band anywhere on t’internet, I’ve illustrated the post with the logo of the Chicago-based label.

There’s no sign of the UK release of Young America on Discogs, and there are no copies up for sale from any UK dealers, which means it would have to be an expensive purchase of a CD in the post-Brexit era…..anyone out there able to offer any assistance?



10 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SONG : #248: THE POEMS

  1. There are a few copies for sale on ebay. Cost including postage averages around fifteen pounds.

  2. i’ve got two copies JC, I will send you the promo copy if you like?

    Spoke to @ropoem about this on Twitter a while back they also did a great version of the Arthur Alexander classic You Better Move On and the below which is stunning but sadly only got a digital release

  3. Interesting version and a great story here. This is the second cover version (after ‘High’ by The Wedding Present) taken from the 2008 compilation Just Like Heaven. I rarely buy tribute albums but on the strength of these songs and looking at the other artists involved, I may take a punt.

    As for The Poems, I’ve just searched and listened to I Am A Believer, Can You Come For Me and Ballad Of A Bitter End (the latter apparently appeared on Grey’s Anatomy) and they’re all great. There are also a couple of EPs available on Apple Music, Goodbye And Good Luck and Glasgow Calling, the latter featuring an interesting cover of New Order’s Temptation. I feel myself racing down a rabbit hole again…!

  4. Thank Brian…and yup… the e-mail the other day!!! Uncanny that I wrote this up not knowing this news was about to break…..

    Oh, and while you’re here, I was chatting at length with Drew just last night. He’s doing OK and says hi, and all our fingers and toes are crossed that things will be fine to allow you to come visit in September….

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