This came up on random play the other day. It was probably my first listen to it in at least a decade. I got really sick of it back in back in 2001 when, after it had featured as a relatively unknown song in an advert promoting a mobile phone company, it was everywhere in the UK, reaching #5 in the singles chart and never off the radio or video channels, even though the promo had to be edited with pixelation to cover full-frontal male nudity and a topless female.

mp3 : The Dandy Warhols – Bohemian Like You

Putting aside that it became so annoying to hear it so often, there’s no denying it’s a decent bit of indie-pop.

Here’s the only CD single by The Dandy Warhols that I have in my collection. A chart hit from 1998 that I still enjoy listening to:-

mp3 : The Dandy Warhols – Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth

Not sure where the rest of you stand but this probably the only time I’ll feature them on the pages of the blog.



  1. You really should check out ‘…Come Down’ & ‘Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia’ – both are great albums and aren’t really the jangly indie-pop that those singles suggest.

    Went a bit shit after that though tbh

  2. I’d agree with Richard that those were two terrific albums. Quite liked the Monkey House one after that too, but it was the beginning of a slide into repetition.

  3. I loved Not If You Were The Last Junkie on Earth, thought is was great indie pop and funny to boot. Bohemian ended up getting on my nerves due to over exposure.

  4. “Boys Better” from the second LP is a quality tune. There are a couple more I like but I couldn’t summon up a Dandies ICA. Anyone?

  5. I’d go for “Everyday Should be a Holiday” from Come Down. Can’t argue with the sentiment either!

  6. Quite like them myself, I’ve got the 3 popular albums mentioned above.

    Curiously I should have been watching them about this time 2 weeks ago. We were supposed to be in Oslo at a festival principally to see the Dream Syndicate but got tickets for both nights and the Dandys were on the other night. We will probably try again next year!

    Even more curiously myself and Mrs MPT heard Bohemian last Thursday – on the radio in the hospital before her appointment. Now you post it the following week. That’s rubbing it in!

  7. Never really got into “The Dandys.” Something about them always sounded forced. Worth giving them another try, as most time some distance from the scene they came out of can give a band a new lease on life with me. Still hasn’t happened for The Strokes though….

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