Here’s 60 minutes and 30 seconds of stuff to get your May Day off to a decent start. I’d like to think that there is something on offer for everyone:-


[10 Good Reasons For Modern Drugs] – The Twilight Sad
Still In Love Song – The Stills
Dreams Never End – New Order
Musette and Drums – Cocteau Twins
PDA – Interpol
When It All Comes Down – Miaow
Chili Town – Hinds
Another Girl, Another Planet – The Only Ones
Ever Fallen In Love? – Buzzcocks
No More Heroes – The Stranglers
Sing It Back – Moloko
Kool Thing – Sonic Youth
Splashing Along – Jesse Garon & The Desperados
Morning Is Broken – Lloyd Cole
Don’t Swallow The Cap – The National
No Bulbs 3 – The Fall

mp3 : Various – The Merry Month of May

Perfect for listening to as you take your daily hour of fresh air exercise.


A huge thanks to everyone for dropping in and leaving comments in these trying times.  There may have been some comments that have inadvertently failed to appear, having initially found their way into the ‘Spam’ folder.  I normally filter this out every couple of weeks, thinking on it as a task akin to cleaning a swimming pool (not enjoyable, but essential).

To my horror, there were over 1,000 comments in the Spam folder, seemingly generated from one source and linked to some sort of cure for coronavirus.  I couldn’t face trying to wade through it all to find stuff that shouldn’t have been in there and so just trashed the lot. Sorry if some wise words from one or more readers were caught up in all this.

One other thing to mention – there have been a number of very welcome guest contributions fired over via e-mail.  Feel free to keep them coming, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to post all of then immediately.

Thanks folks. Stay safe. and take care, and in the words of The Twilight Sad, it won’t be like this all the time.



  1. 3 all-time favourites on that tracklist and 2 other-time favourites.

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