It’s fair to say that 99% of stuff that I’ve bought since my formative teenage years can be described as guitar driven pop, however you define it. It’s very much my forte but every now and again something catches my ear and demands purchase. Such as this, back in 2001:-

mp3 : Faithless – We Come 1 (Radio Edit)

An absolutely massive song in so many ways, it reached #3 in the UK singles chart which is the best position Faithless ever achieved. It was accompanied by a cracking video as well:-

Turns out that the CD I picked up is the one labelled CD2 and you can now buy it on Discogs for as little as 40p plus postage. Here’s the two other mixes for those of you who who like that sort of thing:-

mp3 : Faithless – We Come 1 (Wookie Remix)
mp3 : Faithless – We Come 1 (Rocket vs Jeno Remix)

Happy Dancing.



  1. I remember the year that they headlined Glastonbury – they showed them doing this song on the BBC and it was amazing:

  2. oooooooooh, this track.

    In recent days, I have listened to it far, far more than before. It is just so what’s needed right now…

    Saw them live in Belgrade in 2004- I was wearing a suit (long story), it was at Hala Sportova in Novi Belgrade, I sweat right through that thing, and left the gig literally dripping. One of the best gigs in Serbia and all time.

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